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The Official E-Newsletter of the Los Angeles Local
The Official E-Newsletter of the Los Angeles Local
April 2013


The 2013-2014 season will kick off in May, just in time to watch those hot summer blockbusters. Because Film Society membership is in popular demand, we encourage all applicants to apply as soon as possible. Membership is granted on a first-come, first-served basis and fills quickly.

Members who have participated in the Film Society in the past know this is a fantastic deal and here’s why:

More bang for your buck. Movie tickets are expensive. When you spend $109 on membership, you get access to more than 50 new and prerelease films a year (through April 2014), and receive member-only discounts at local restaurants.

Access to top filmmakers and actors. Each season, there are many additional off-site bonus screenings featuring top producers, directors and film actors. Members have participated in recent Q&A sessions with notable performers such as Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper, Sally Field, Richard Gere, Dustin Hoffman, Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Stiles, Omar Sy, Chris Tucker, Jackie Weaver and Shea Whigham.

Movies make perfect dates. Mark your calendar for the year ahead so you are always ready for the next studio release with your fellow SAG-AFTRA members.

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity. Space is now available, but not for long. For more information, click here, call (323) 549-6658 or send an email.


Los Angeles Local Co-President and SAG-AFTRA National Vice President Gabrielle Carteris was the featured speaker for Women in Film’s January 2013 breakfast, during which she discussed her professional career as an actor and shared valuable insights with WIF members and guests.

“Know what you want. Be true to yourself. You deserve success. You deserve to be paid for your art,” said Carteris in an opening statement that aimed to illustrate the value of women professionals in the entertainment industry.

With an extensive career as an actor, Carteris provided industry-specific tips and personal advice to the audience of industry professionals. During the event, WIF members also inquired about her role on Beverly Hills, 90210, reality television, Aaron Spelling and the importance of SAG-AFTRA and member involvement.

When speaking about union work, Carteris explained, “I said no to non-union work because it’s not worth weakening our contracts. Whoever says it’s easier to do non-union doesn’t see it’s only easy for that second. It’s about the big picture.” She told the audience that SAG-AFTRA provides many resources for its members, including health insurance, pensions, safe working conditions and craft-based career resources, among other benefits and programs.

Carteris also told the audience that the mission of the new union is not only to organize work, but to organize a work force that values themselves. She stated, “The union itself is just a name. The members make the union.”


Are you getting discounts around town with your SAG-AFTRA membership? If you aren’t, check out these local member deals and take advantage of all that being a SAG-AFTRA member provides.

Burke Williams Day Spa
First-time guests receive discounted pure relaxation massage or spa-style facial.

Westwood Music
Get 10 percent off any merchandise purchase, string instrument repair or music lesson.

Additional Discounts
More of these great deals on beauty, theater and fitness can be found on the Los Angeles Local page.

For more information, contact the Los Angeles Executive Office at (323) 549-6459.

Message from Co-President Vaughn 

Ned Vaughn

Dear Members,

Happy anniversary! March 30 marks one year since SAG and AFTRA members delivered their historic merger vote, and it has been a busy and productive one. Our second year promises to be even busier, with many important events ahead. Here's a quick look at some of what the next 12 months should include:

Commercials Contract Vote
If the current negotiations are successful, a contract could be voted on by members this spring.

SAG-AFTRA Nationwide Elections
This summer, SAG-AFTRA members will get to choose who fills every elected office in our union (more below).

SAG-AFTRA National Convention in Los Angeles
From Sept. 26-29, hundreds of elected delegates from across the country will assemble in Los Angeles for our first national convention.

SAG-AFTRA TV/Theatrical Contract Nationwide W&W Process
This fall, members will have the opportunity to help prepare for the TV/Theatrical Contract negotiations.

SAG-AFTRA TV/Theatrical Contract Negotiations in Los Angeles
Look for these vital contract talks to begin early in 2014.

All that and much more will be coming your way during SAG-AFTRA's second year. It's an exciting roster of events that will determine the direction of our union and complete a crucial transition that began one year ago.

Many significant milestones were passed in our first year. In addition to securing the first-ever industrywide music video contract with major record labels, we successfully negotiated dozens of broadcast contracts across the country. Here in Los Angeles, SAG-AFTRA won an important organizing victory by adding KPCC-FM — one of the top public radio stations in the nation — to the list of broadcast units we represent. And we are currently negotiating the first-ever SAG-AFTRA Commercials Contract.

Those contract activities are only part of our evolution; another aspect has been the consolidation of the legacy staff and operations structures into a unified organization. Working with elected leaders and staff across the country, National Executive Director David White has carefully managed the continuing process of streamlining and integration. SAG-AFTRA members expect and deserve solutions that will put our new union on the strongest possible footing for years to come, even when that means shedding familiar old ways in favor of new approaches.

So, in the year since merger, we have negotiated numerous contracts, waged multiple successful organizing campaigns, and taken important steps to consolidate and streamline SAG-AFTRA staff and operations. As that work continues, one of the most critical areas of our transition will begin in less than two months: Starting May 15, nomination petitions will be available for those interested in running for elected office in SAG-AFTRA.

The 16-month transitional co-governance of prior SAG and AFTRA elected representatives will end this summer, and SAG-AFTRA members will have the opportunity to elect representatives of their own. Our first election will be unique, because every elected position will be open — from national president right down to hundreds of convention delegate seats across the country. Most important, it will be the first opportunity for SAG-AFTRA members to elect SAG-AFTRA leaders without reference to our legacy unions — making our transformation even more complete. Full election details will be available in the upcoming issue of the national magazine and on the SAG-AFTRA website in May.

Please make sure to mark June 9 on your calendar. That's the date of our next Los Angeles Local membership meeting, and I hope to see you there.

Onward together,

Ned Vaughn

Message from Co-President Carteris 

Gabrielle Carteris

Dear Fellow Members,

I can’t believe it has been a year since we merged our two unions and became SAG-AFTRA. It is amazing how quickly time passes. This is the perfect time for us to pause and reflect on the past year. As you know, the creation of this new union was no small feat. Once the membership voted to unite SAG and AFTRA, the real work began. Across the country, locals comprised of legacy SAG branches and AFTRA locals were put together. Here in Los Angeles, we integrated our legacy staffs into one cohesive work force — helping us recognize what is needed in L.A. while improving communications with our members and the union. While constitutions were crafted and approved, across the country we began the Commercial Wages and Working Conditions (W&W) meetings, set up our commercial negotiating team and are currently in the midst of negotiating one of our biggest contracts in SAG-AFTRA.

Recently, I visited New York for the beginning of the negotiations and must say we have an incredible team of members and staff working on our behalf. It is clear that the W&W Committee and staff worked diligently in assembling the interests of members around the country. The participation of members in this process was extremely important to the comprehensive package presented to the Joint Policy Committee (JPC). Negotiations should be completed in early April, and we hope to provide a contract for your approval shortly thereafter.

In addition, we have been organizing broadcast shops in Los Angeles and negotiating local broadcast contracts. We have an incredible opportunity to negotiate the first KPCC-FM contract in Los Angeles with a 70-member-strong unit. During this time, our staff also negotiated broadcast contracts for our members at KPFK-FM and Total Traffic Network.

What I am struck with, in our preparing for these negotiations, is how you as members recognize how rapidly our industry is changing. I am hoping and encouraging you, as the backbone of what makes this union strong, to get involved. 

As a local, we supported SEIU workers at the Motion Picture Television Fund Hospital, along with other sister unions in our industry. It is apparent that now more than ever we must stand strong within our union and unite our voices with the labor movement if we are to be effective in maintaining what we have worked for and organized, as we move forward.

This leads us to the first and perhaps the most important elections of this new union. The election process of leadership will be familiar, yet different from past elections. We realize there are questions regarding the new election process and be assured that members will be kept fully informed. The national magazine, due later this spring, and beginning in May the SAG-AFTRA website will explain in detail the election process and hopefully answer your questions.

With elections, convention, an L.A. Local membership meeting in June and ongoing and new programs coming, we urge you to read all communications from the union.

I want to thank you for helping build our union, SAG-AFTRA. As Henry Adams once said, “Unity is vision.”

In solidarity,

Gabrielle Carteris