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The Official E-Newsletter of the SAG-AFTRA Los Angeles Local
The Official E-Newsletter of the SAG-AFTRA Los Angeles Local
September 2017


The SAG-AFTRA Commercials Department held an informational panel and review session with members at SAG-AFTRA Plaza on June 20. The Commercials 101 presentation covered a wide range of contractual information, such as rates, terminology, what to expect after booking and cautionary tales. The information was broken into easy-to-understand parts, separated by five-minute breaks, during which members had the chance to win union swag by answering trivia questions. All attendees left with a magazine, a rate sheet packet with examples of paperwork actors will encounter on set, and a deeper understanding of the union contract that protects them.

A Letter from Jane Austin, SAG-AFTRA L.A. Local President

Jane Austin

My Fellow L.A. Local Member,

First, thank you very much for your vote of confidence in my abilities as Los Angeles Local president and national secretary-treasurer. It is my honor and privilege to serve. Congratulations to all of my fellow national and local board members on their election wins, and to all our fellow candidates who took the time to run and participate in the union. Click here for more.