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Important Message Regarding the Upcoming Election Process

Dear Washington – Mid Atlantic Member:
As part of the new SAG-AFTRA governance structure and in order to ensure representation of  different types of work done by our diverse membership, your Local leadership has decided to reserve certain seats on the Local Board and Convention Delegate positions to members in certain work categories.
If you think you might want to run for a category position in this year’s elections, you must be a member of that category in order to meet the category eligibility requirement to run and serve. If you want to change your membership category so that you can run for a particular Local category position, you must do so no later than April 1, 2013. After that date, any change in category will make you ineligible to run for a category seat in this year’s elections.

However, please note that making changes to your current membership category assignment at this time may make you ineligible to run for National or Local work category positions in the 2013 election by reducing your time in the category below the minimum eligibility requirement.  For example, the deadline to be declared in a category in order to serve as a National category Vice President or National Board member for a category was December 31, 2012; any category change after that date will make you ineligible to run for those specific category seats in the 2013 election. 

If you want to change your membership category, you can do that online at this link through your member log-in or by contacting the Governance Department at 323-549-6676. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Anee Raulerson at
Sincerely yours,

Pat O’Donnell
Executive Director, SAG-AFTRA Washington – Mid Atlantic Local