Healthcare Audit Company Seeking Actors to Play Patients

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Healthcare Audit Company Seeking Actors to Play Patients

A Washington, D.C.-based healthcare audit company seeks actors able to portray patients as part of their auditing services. This company provides broad based audit services. This component is designed to assess the quality of clinical care and customer service. Unlike standardized patient work, office/clinic employees will not know that the individuals are playing patients.

Work is sporadic, and the company seeks a diverse roster. Must have role playing experience such as housing tester, standardize patient, etc. Must also have a demonstrated ability to assess situations and problem solve. Pay is minimally $20-to-$25 an hour; for more complicated cases, pay is higher.

Work is flexible, but once a doctor’s appointment is scheduled, you must make it. No exceptions.

If interested, send one resume that reflects a summary of acting work, role play experience and all work - industry and non-industry - that reflects problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. Send resume and head shots to Kathy Schrier,

Please note that this information is being provided as a courtesy, but the work is not covered by any SAG-AFTRA contract.