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Dave McConnell Graces the Cover of the Washington Post Style Section

Unlike the ever changing faces on Capitol Hill, SAG-AFTRA Local Executive Board Member Dave McConnell has weathered eight presidential terms and numerous Congressional elections as WTOP’s Capitol Hill reporter. The Washington Post honored his past and continuing political coverage in a feature on the cover of its Style Section on October 29, 2012. Writer Tony Glaros followed McConnell around on his typical day covering all the happenings of Congress. McConnell has been the Capitol Hill reporter for WTOP since 1981, and has been with the station since 1965. In the article, WTOP’s vice president of news and programming, Jim Farley, recounts a story in which McConnell skipped a day of high school to watch the senators’ debate, while the rest of his friends went to watch the Washington senator play in Griffin Park, demonstrating McConnell’s love of Congress even at such an early age. On November 6, McConnell will be the principal anchor for WTOP’s election coverage, and come January 1, he will begin reporting on his ninth presidential term.

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