Wages & Working Conditions Teleconference Meeting

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Wages & Working Conditions Teleconference Meeting
01/27/2014 8:00am

SAG-AFTRA is holding Wages & Working Conditions Meeting(s) in preparation for the upcoming SAG-AFTRA TV/Theatrical-Exhibit A Contract Negotiations. All Twin Cities members who work the TV/Theatrical Exhibit A contracts are encouraged to participate.

Twin Cities Local members are invited to participate in a special phone-in meeting conducted by Kathy Byrne, SAG-AFTRA Chicago TV/Theatrical Dept. Director.

When: Noon, Monday, Jan. 27 Central Time.
(You must RSVP as instructed below in order to participate.)

RSVP: The meeting on January 27 has been set aside solely for Twin Cities members. If you work the Film and Television Contracts and/or are interested in participating in the process, please RSVP to Kathy by January 13, 2014. If you want to participate by phone in any of the other Chicago Local W&W meetings, please indicate that in your RSVP as well. Please RSVP by contacting Kathy Byrne at (312) 572-8081 ext. 508 or by email at kathy.byrne@sagaftra.org.

Proposals for this important negotiation are developed through the involvement of members like you. Make your voice heard, and be a part of this very important process. Meetings are open to all paid-up SAG-AFTRA members. (Current membership card required for admittance, paid thru April 30, 2014).

For more details on W&W 2014, please visit the SAG-AFTRA website at SAGAFTRA.org.
To send your suggestions by e-mail, send your ideas to:  wandw2014@sagaftra.org

Meeting Schedule:
Twin Cities Phone Meeting
When: Noon, Monday, Jan. 27 - Teleconference

Other W & W meetings held in Chicago:
Where: SAG-AFTRA Chicago
1 E. Erie, Suite 660
Chicago, IL 60611

Meeting Dates:
Noon, Wednesday, Jan. 15: Background Performer Caucus
Noon, Monday, Jan. 20: W&W Committee – Principals
6 p.m., Monday, Feb. 3: Stunt Performer Caucus
Noon, Thursday, Feb. 13: W&W Committee - Principals
6 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 27: W&W Committee - Principals – review and recommendation of all proposals

Attention Members Who are Actively Producing: SAG-AFTRA members who are actively producing cannot attend the W&W Committee Meetings due to conflict of interest. However, you are welcome to attend the W&W caucuses. Please check with the Chicago events section of SAGAFTRA.org for caucus date(s) and time(s).