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Local Resources

SAG-AFTRA Tri-State Member Services

What can your local office can do for you?

Why should a union member drop by and visit the AFTRA office?

The SAG-AFTRA office is your office. As a SAG-AFTRA member, you are always welcome. Coffee is free!

We offer these valuable services to all members:

PERSONAL COMPUTER with high-speed internet access. MS Word, MS Excel, Adobe Photoshop 6.0 and a scanner are available to committees and members who would like to use it to produce resumes, correspondence, fliers, etc. Many fonts and graphics.

FAX: Receive and send business correspondence.

TELEPHONE: Local calls or long distance union business calls. Save your change if you are away from home and need to reach out and touch someone on business.

MAILING LABELS: for signatories, studios, etc. The cost for these labels is $5. If you just want a printed list, that is free to members. Call to arrange.

COPIER: Free copies of employment contracts or other business documents.

PRODUCTION REPORTS are stocked at the office! Please stop in and pick some up for your next session! Remember, these are required of you.

Information available the SAG-AFTRA office:

The AFTRA office has fliers, handouts, brochures and books for pick-up. These items can be faxed or mailed to you upon request:

  • Rate Sheets for SAG-AFTRA Contracts
  • AFTRA Health & Retirement Plan/SAG Pension and Health plan documents/information
  • Union contracts (national and local)
  • AFTRA Franchised Agent lists - Tri-State and national.
  • Local newsletter and national magazine
  • Young Performers Handbook
  • Individual employment contracts/H&R and P&H production reports
  • Information on credit unions
  • Brochures with benefits for Tri-State members (includes health clubs, plastic surgery, chiropractic, movies, etc.)