Production Information

Casting Notices

We are committed to diverse, inclusive casting.  For every role, please submit qualified performers, without regard to disability, race, age, color, national origin, sexual orientation or gender identity, or any other basis prohibited by law, unless otherwise specifically indicated.

Production: Big Foot
Contract: SAG Theatrical Agreement
Shoot Location: San Francisco, CA
Shooting Dates: Aug. 18 – 22

Submission Deadline: ASAP

Pay Rate: $148 per day for 8 hours plus overtime if applicable.

Beau Bonneau Casting seeks local SAG-AFTRA members age 18 years and older to portray the following for background work:

Monday, Aug. 18: Tourist types, 18-40 years old, with daily driver cars (no red or white, no beaters) along with a handful of men and women, 18-35 years old, without cars to portray joggers and bicyclists (with own bike).
Tuesday, Aug. 19: Blue-collar appearing men and women to portray Tenderloin residents and homeless types. Some resident types needed with their cars (no red, white or luxury vehicles). We’ll need basic daily drivers along with some older beaters. Note: There will be rain work this day so you must be willing to get wet. You will receive an additional $14 for wet work.
Wednesday – Thursday, Aug. 20 - 21: San Franciscan pedestrians, 25-45 years old, with daily drivers or luxury cars (no red or white). These are split days so must be available through late night from approximately 12 noon – midnight shoot Aug. 20, and approximately 5 p.m. to 5 a.m. shoot Aug. 21. You must be available both days for continuity. We may not know until night of Aug. 20 who will be needed to return Aug. 21.
Friday August 22: San Franciscan pedestrians, 25-45 years old, with daily driver cars (no red, white or beaters).

Film shoots often last 12-14 hours, early morning through late evening. The SAG-AFTRA background rate is $148 for 8 hours plus overtime if applicable. You will receive an additional $35 auto allowance if cast with a car. You will receive an additional $12 bike bump if cast with a bike. I-9 paperwork will be filled out on set. U.S. citizens must present a current U.S. passport or two forms of ID: a valid driver’s license or state photo ID card with either social security card or birth certificate. Non U.S. citizens must present current green card, permanent resident card or work authorization from the Department of Homeland Security.

Submission Instructions:
To submit for background work on this film, email the following to with “Big Foot” in subject line:

  • Available date(s): Aug. 18 -22
  • Name
  • SAG-AFTRA membership number
  • Cell number
  • City you live in
  • Approximate age
  • Height and weight
  • Note car year, color, make and model if you have one
  • Note bicycle type and color if you have one
  • Photos: Attach two new color snapshots. One waist up and one standing view, both facing camera (no hats or sunglasses).

If Beau Bonneau Casting has not cast you for union work before, please attach a photo/scanned copy of your SAG-AFTRA card or other proof of union membership.

We will contact you if selected. Please no phone calls.