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Tell Our Lawmakers To Improve The PA Film Tax Incentive Program

We’re in the home stretch. Less than a month remains to push for improving our PA Film Tax Incentive Program, and we need you. We have two bills we would like to see passed: Senate Bill (SB) 1313, sponsored by Senator Wayne Fontana, which would recover millions in unused credits from previous years, and SB1035, sponsored by Senator Dominic Pileggi, to uncap the credits.

Here’s what you can do: 

Find your local Senator Go to and plug in your home address.

If you need assistance finding your local senator send an email to your SAG-AFTRA Local office at the email address listed below.

 Email your local Senator this simple statement, 
“I am a SAG-AFTRA member and a constituent, and I’m asking for your support for SB 1313 and 1035, which both address the PA Film Tax Credit program. This is a very important program to me and my fellow SAG-AFTRA members, and I would greatly appreciate your support.”

Send a similar message to Senators Fontana ( and Pileggi ( thanking them for their support as well. To get more information before you send your email, or if you have questions about the status of the bill, please contact our local office directly to discuss.
Philadelphia Local (215) 732-0507
Ohio-Pittsburgh Local (412) 281-6767

If you or someone you know has (a) worked out of state or (b) gone on unemployment, please email the Philadelphia Local at or the Ohio-Pittsburgh Local at with that information. The “cost” of the Film Tax program needs to take into account the money we LOSE as a state when people work on out-of-state productions and/or receive unemployment due to the lack of work that should be done here in Pennsylvania.

 This is it! The homestretch! Let’s do everything we can to bolster and improve the PA Film Tax Credit Program.