Member Update on Talent Agents

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Member Update on Talent Agents

SAG-AFTRA has been asked to clarify the current state of affairs with respect to its franchised agents in the Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Philadelphia Markets. 

Pursuant to SAG and AFTRA’s respective agency regulations (and SAG-AFTRA membership requirements), members in these areas who choose to hire an agent (i.e., any entity that is engaged to secure employment or negotiate wages and working conditions for you) are required to choose an agency that is either franchised by Legacy SAG (“L-SAG”) or Legacy AFTRA (“L-AFTRA”).  Choosing to engage in representational relationships with non-franchised entities in these markets could potentially expose you to disciplinary review from the Union.  This precaution is necessary in order to ensure that our members’ rights are fully protected in their relationships with their representatives.  Franchised agents (as well as the SAG-AFTRA members that they represent) are protected by, and bound to, the terms and conditions of Rule 16(g), a/k/a the SAG Agency Regulations and Rule 12-C, a/k/a/ the AFTRA Agency Regulations.  Entities operating in these markets that are not franchised are outside SAG-AFTRA’s jurisdiction, and our members should be careful not to place themselves in violation of SAG-AFTRA membership rules by deciding to work with them. 

Should you have any agency-related questions, please do not hesitate to contact SAG’s Agency Departments at: (in LA) (323) 549-6745, or (in NY) at (212) 863-4305, or by e-mail at:  Also, please continue to check the SAG-AFTRA web site for updated information on this and any other Union matters.  Thank you.
A list of SAG and/or AFTRA franchised agents for the regions of Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Philadelphia Markets is as follows:

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