Screening Schedule

Screening Schedule for 2015/16 Season

Sept.: 14 & 15 and 28 & 29 
Oct.: 5 & 6 and 19 & 20 
Nov.: 9 & 20 and 23 & 24 
Dec.: 7 & 8 and 21 & 22


Jan.: 4 & 5 and 25 & 26
Feb.: 8 & 9 and 22 & 23
March: 7 & 8 and 21 & 22 
April: 4 & 5 and 18 & 19
May: 9 & 1 and 23 & 24
June: 6 & 7 and 20 & 21
July: 11 & 12 and 25 & 26
Aug.: 8 & 9 and 22 & 23

Additional BONUS screenings may be scheduled during the season.

Rules for Attending the Screenings

  1. The theater doors close promptly at the scheduled screening time or when the theater capacity is reached – whichever comes first. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL ANYONE BE ADMITTED AFTER THE DOORS CLOSE!
  2. If you leave the DGA Theater building once your card has been scanned, you will not be allowed to re-enter. If you leave the auditorium area at the AMC theater without a pass you will not be allowed to return.
  3. Admittance to screenings is by official membership card only.
  4. Membership cards are not transferable. The Film Society member is entitled to bring only one guest who must attend the same screening as the member and also be 16 years of age or older. In the absence of the Film Society member, the regular quest (the guest who usually accompanies the member) will be admitted upon presenting the member's card. In this scenario, the guest, and only the quest, will be admitted. No additional guest will be admitted and no one else may use the card.
  5. Members arriving before their guest may leave THEIR GUEST'S NAME on the Courtesy Guest List at regularly scheduled films only. Members MAY NOT wait in the lobby for guests. Guests MUST arrive before the doors close and MUST stand on line. At all bonus films there will be NO Courtesy Guest list. Guests will have to enter with the member. Note: The member is responsible for guest's behavior at all times.
  6. The film society reserves the right to change the guest policy at any time.
  7. Dress for the weather in case the line to enter is located outside.
  8. NO SMOKING - NO FOOD - NO DRINKS allowed within the DGA Theater. At the AMC theater, no outside food or drink will be allowed but members are encouraged to purchase items at the concession stand.
  9. All cell phones and pagers should be set to off or vibrate during the film. No text messaging or use of other electronic devices such as tablets are permitted during the screening of the film.
  10. Violations of the SAG-AFTRA/WGAE FILM SOCIETY Rules and Regulations by the Film Society member and/or their guest may result in the forfeiture of your current membership and future membership. Unless otherwise noted, all screenings take place on Mondays and Tuesdays at 1 p.m., 3:30 p.m., 6 p.m. & 8:30 p.m. (times subject to change).