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Massachusetts Film and TV Incentive Update

Dear Massachusetts Member,

As you know, a cap of $40 million on the Massachusetts Film and TV Incentive has been proposed. We are asking for your help to support the on-going work that has been done to preserve the incentives without a cap – and equally important without any other changes that will curtail production in our state.

The MA House of Representatives is in the final stages of preparing their proposed budget. We need to let our State Representatives know how important the Incentive is to our members.

Starting Monday April 1 we are asking all MA members to call, write or email their Representative to make sure the members of the House are hearing directly from their constituents.

Below you will find a sample script if you want to make a call, or a sample letter if you want to email or write your Representative. If there is something you can add to your call or letter that highlights the work you have gotten due to the Incentive and/or the positive effects on the industry and state economy you have witnesses that will make your story and your voice even more powerful, please add that. Our message is the Incentive is working:

Please note that we are not mentioning the Governor, nor are we criticizing his decision to propose a cap. That will not be helpful to our long term efforts.

If you do not know your State Representative please go to this link http://www.wheredoivotema.com/bal/MyElectionInfo.aspx

Once you put in your address you will be taken to a page with information that is specific to you. Scroll down that page to “Current Elected Officials” and you will find your Representative. Clicking on that name will take you to a page with your Representative’s address, phone number and email address.

It is very important that we know how many of our members have contacted their Representative. Once you have made your call or written your letter please send us an email at newengland@sagaftra.org to let us know what Representative you contacted and when. Please let us know what if any feedback you get. Are they supportive? Do they have questions or issues we need to address?

We will update you again once the House budget is released and we see what if any amendments are proposed. At this point our focus is on the House, but we will be contacting you again as our campaign moves to the State Senate.

Our thanks in advance for your help in making sure the MA Incentive remains unchanged and continues to work to bring work opportunities to our members.



Massachusetts Members Call to Action

Preserve the MA Film and TV Incentive – “It’s Working”

Sample Call or Letter to Your State Representative

My name is ______________, and I live at ___________________.”

I’m calling (writing) about the film and television production incentive.

I am a member of SAG-AFTRA and I’m worried that my work will disappear if a cap or any other restrictions are placed on the production incentive.

The film and television production incentive is working, creating jobs and bringing private investment and economic opportunity to Massachusetts.

The $40 million soundstage being built by New England Studios in Devens is a prime example of the type of private investment being made that will support the film and TV industry for years to come.

Pennsylvania capped their production incentive, and now thousands of people there are out of work and productions like the Hatfields & McCoys TV pilot and the David O. Russell ABSCAM movie are filming in Massachusetts right now-instead of Pennsylvania-because their production incentive ran out of money.

If you cap this program, or reduce the effectiveness of the incentive you’re taking away my job and thousands of other jobs here in Massachusetts. Please don’t do that.

Thank you for your time.