Michigan Local Wages & Working Conditions Committee Seeks Your Participation

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Michigan Local Wages & Working Conditions Committee Seeks Your Participation

Michigan Local Members,
SAG-AFTRA Wages & Working Conditions meeting will be scheduled soon in preparation for negotiation of the TV/Theatrical-Exhibit A contracts that expire on June 30, 2014. All members who work the TV/Theatrical-Exhibit A contracts are encouraged to attend and participate.

All W&W Committee meetings are open to all paid-up members. Please bring your current membership card (paid thru April 30, 2014) for admittance.

If you work in the area of theatrical/television, we need your input! Please consider joining the Michigan Local Wages & Working Conditions Committee. Members who work these important contracts are needed to provide valuable information and suggestions during this process, which leads up to our national negotiations. A meeting of local members is being planned for January so please let us know if you are interested in discussing your experiences working under these agreements.  
Really want to step up to the plate? Let us know if you would like to chair or co-chair the committee. The requirements are strong leadership qualities and considerable experience working theatrical/television contracts.
To participate send your name, phone and email address to michigan@sagaftra.org.

Attention Members Who Are Actively Producing: SAG-AFTRA members who are actively producing cannot attend the W&W Committee Meetings due to conflict of interest.
We look forward to hearing from you.