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MOVE LA Upcoming Events 2014-2015
The specific time and date of each event are to be announced.

Live Long & Prosper: Healthy Body, Healthy Voice, Healthy Career

As actors, singers, stunt performers, radio personalities, background artists and dancers, we use our bodies and our voices to make a living. As with any business, risk is always factor. If we strain a muscle or damage our vocal chords, it could potentially end our career; a risk we can't take. Being aware and cautious is always advisable, but there are strategies one can implement to ensure safety in this business.  Taking care of your instrument is crucial to a long-term career. 

Hear from a panel of experts who will provide advice on keeping the voice and body healthy before performances, during performance and beyond. There will be a live Q&A with our panelists to provide answers to your burning questions.

Doubling and Tripling your Threat: Successful Strategies for the Singing and Dancing Actor

There is no one path to finding work. For those who work in one performance area it can be a great asset to learn the tools needed to secure work in other areas. If you are already a singer or dancer fellow artists will discuss their successful transitions into acting after having an injury or needing vocal rest and how this work provided a creative outlet during healing and rehabilitation. Panelists will include a dance agent and a vocal contractor. These experts will discuss the tools every singer needs to be competitive and recent changes in dance auditions for commercials and television.

Commercial Stars

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to learn from the best commercial actors in the industry. This panel will join a variety of recognizable commercial actors who will share their extensive adventures working on commercials. These panelists; who are seen on commercials every day and have attained notoriety as a commercial spokesperson for a brand, will provide advice on how they have remained at the top of their field. Additional panelists may include actors who received other career opportunities from their work in commercials. This will be an amazing event you won’t want to miss.

Making Your Webseries and Finding its Audience

This is the sequel to last years’ very successful panel; Shooting on a Shoestring, Distributing on a Dime, examining ultra-low budget filmmaking. This year we’ll focus on making a low budget webseries. Get nuts and bolts advice from actors and directors who have produced series on the Internet. Panelists will discuss how to make your project look and sound great on a low budget. They’ll also provide tips on how to find an audience for your webseries. SAG-AFTRA staff will explain the simple process of making your webseries a SAG-AFTRA signatory. Seats fill up fast so be sure to reserve your place.

Recent MOVE Programs

Shooting on a Shoestring, Distributing on a Dime
Presented: Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2013

Get nuts and bolts advice from actors and directors who are successfully producing ultra-low budget films and web series.  Pick up tips on getting your feature distributed or your webisode sponsored. Panelists include: Joe Gold and Tammy Caplan, and Desperate Acts of Magic, J.C. Calciano.

Click here to view part 1
Click here to view part 2

Show Me the Money: Financial Planning for the Performer
Presented: Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A performer’s financial stability often reflects the realities of our profession: periods of prosperity followed by stretches of financial challenges. Chuck Sloan, president of Chuck Sloan and Associates, and Christine Stern, premier financial advisor for the AFTRA-SAG Credit Union, offered expert advice in creating a stable and consistent financial framework.

Act Two of Your Career: Reinvesting and Rebranding
Presented: Jan. 17, 2013

A panel of industry experts explored ways SAG-AFTRA members can advance their careers to the next level examining types of performance work and opportunities in specific markets. The panel focused on branding, networking, marketing, training and casting tips.

Panelists included Casting Director Pam Dixon, and The Savvy Actor’s Jodie Bentley and Kevin Urban. 

From Survival Jobs to Thrival Jobs: Options that Work with an Actor’s Life
Presented: May 1, 2012
(Now available online in the SAG-AFTRA MOVE archives)

A panel of SAG-AFTRA members shared their experiences successfully navigating the job arena and thriving between acting jobs. Joining them were representatives from Universal Studios and the Geffen Playhouse, who described their flexible work programs and how they accommodate the show biz lifestyle.

View at:

WEBISODES: Been There, Shot That
Presented Nov. 1, 2012
(Now available online in the SAG-AFTRA MOVE archives)

Professional talent from both sides of the lens shared their experiences, knowledge and advice about webisodes, an important and fast-expanding part of our industry. The program examined how webisodes are created, common production obstacles, marketing, copyright issues, budgeting and, of course, the swiftest way to become a SAG-AFTRA signatory.

View at:

Ongoing Programs

Senior Buddy Program

The Senior Buddy Program provides support and assistance to our most experienced friends and colleagues in the entertainment industry who may need phone buddies, home visit buddies, grocery shopping buddies, computer tutors, home repair assistance and more. A key goal is to identify seniors in our SAG-AFTRA membership who might benefit from these services, as well as volunteers to fill the need.  

There is also a Cabaret Program to provide entertainment for our senior colleagues.

MOVE is pleased to partner with the Motion Picture and Television Fund (MPTF) volunteer program and Elder Connection, a community volunteer program, to provide a broader outreach within the SAG-AFTRA community.   

  • For volunteer opportunities to fit your interests, location and schedule, please contact Derek Krull at

Please let Derek know that you are a MOVE member , and e-mail so the committee is aware of your interest and can provide information on other volunteer opportunities as they become available.

Also, please encourage any senior SAG-AFTRA member who might benefit from this program to contact MOVE at

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