The Talent House LA No Longer Franchised by Legacy SAG

The Talent House LA No Longer Franchised by Legacy SAG

SUBJECT: The Talent House LA No Longer Franchised by Legacy SAG

SAG-AFTRA is writing to inform you about a change in the agency representational landscape in Los Angeles. SAG-AFTRA has recently learned that an agency in your market, The Talent House LA, has joined the Association of Talent Agents (“ATA”), based in Los Angeles. Accordingly, this agency has surrendered its franchise under the Legacy SAG agency regulations, Rule 16(g). The agency, however, remains franchised under Legacy AFTRA agency regulations, Rule 12-C, and your relationship with it for the purposes of AFTRA-covered work remains protected by Union regulation.  

By act of the Legacy SAG National Board in April of 2002, the Union has temporarily suspended enforcement of Rule 16(a) of Legacy SAG’s Rules and Regulations, but only with respect to ATA agents. Because of this action, SAG-AFTRA members are currently permitted to be represented by ATA agents, such as The Talent House LA, for SAG-covered work even though the agency may not be abiding by Legacy SAG Agency rules.

In the meantime, should you choose to remain an existing client, or become a new client of, The Talent House LA, please note that the SAG-AFTRA will not be able to protect you in your relationship with this agency when it comes to SAG-covered work.

Should The Talent House LA, or any other agency, present you with a general services agreement (i.e. an agreement that is created by agents, outside of SAG-AFTRA’s protection), frequently also referred to as a “GSA,” we urge you to contact the Union immediately so we can assist you to review its terms and conditions (and, indeed, what kind of Legacy SAG protections that you will be surrendering) before you choose to sign a written contract with this agency. However, SAG-AFTRA cannot provide you with legal assistance on these general service agreements. Should you choose to be represented by The Talent House LA for SAG-covered work, SAG-AFTRA strongly recommends that you retain the services of independent legal counsel prior to entering into any contractual relationship which is unregulated by the Union.

Examples of terms that have previously appeared in standard GSAs used by ATA agents like The Talent House LA include, but are not limited to:  an agent’s ability to commission all of your income (including all residuals and other areas that have been traditionally non-commissionable); greater restrictions on your right to terminate for lack of employment; a loss of your right to proceed through Legacy SAG-regulated arbitration to settle outstanding disputes with your agent, etc. The Union urges you to fully educate yourself before you enter into a relationship with an agency that may not be abiding by Legacy SAG’s Agency Regulations for SAG-covered work. 

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact SAG-AFTRA’s National Agency Department directly at 323-549-6745. Thank you.