A Message About Global Rule One and No Contract/No Work

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A Message About Global Rule One and No Contract/No Work

SAG-AFTRA's Global Rule One and No Contract/No Work Rule is among the founding principles and strengths of the union. It does not matter where you work; you cannot work without a union contract or signatory in place prior to the first day of work. Just look on the back of your SAG-AFTRA membership card: As a member of SAG-AFTRA, you are obligated to uphold all SAG-AFTRA rules, including, but not limited to, the following: 1. You must comply with SAG-AFTRA's Global Rule One and No Contract/No Work Rule.
It continues to explain that you need to verify signatory status before agreeing to work and to call your SAG-AFTRA Local for that verification.
When calling your SAG-AFTRA Local, you’ll need the name of the signatory, location/city of the signatory and the type of work you’re being asked to do. Casting agents, talent agents, advertising agencies, recording studios, production companies – anyone that contacts you for work – is obligated to tell you the signatory and explain the type of work you’ll be performing. If that information isn’t offered, then ask. Because the only way you can confirm that you’re working under a union agreement is to contact the union.
If a company wishes to use union performers the appropriate union agreement must be signed or union performers cannot do the work. Keep your union strong. If producers can hire professional actors off the card, why would they ever sign a union agreement? It is your responsibility to help maintain the union’s ability to organize and enforce wages and working conditions. When SAG-AFTRA members choose to ignore SAG-AFTRA's Global Rule One and No Contract/No Work Rule, they are putting their membership in jeopardy, are weakening the union and are putting their fellow performers’ careers and financial security at risk.
Just remember that as a SAG-AFTRA member, you may only work when there is a union agreement in place. It does not matter where you’re working, it only matters that your work is covered by a union agreement. It’s pretty simple and it’s all right there on the back of your SAG-AFTRA card.
SAG-AFTRA’s Global Rule One and No Contract/No Work Rule applies to all SAG-AFTRA members, regardless of category. The No Contract No Work Rule applies in jurisdictions where there are multi-employer, industry wide agreements; for example, commercials, corporate/educational, scripted TV, interactive – just like Global Rule One.
In jurisdictions like broadcast where there are no multiple employer, industry wide agreements and where organizing and negotiations must be done with a single employer on a “shop by shop” basis through traditional methodologies of labor organizing, Global Rule One and No Contract/No Work Rule does not automatically apply unless there is an active organizing drive underway.
A SAG-AFTRA broadcast member is subject to the Global Rule One and No Contract/No Work Rule when contracting employment in other areas of SAG-AFTRA coverage, such as commercials, scripted television and film, where there is a multi-employer, industry-wide agreements.

Call SAG-AFTRA Chicago to confirm you are working under the appropriate collective bargaining agreement or if you have any questions about this notice.
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