Casting Access Welcomes Clair Simon July 19 - Submission Deadline is July 9

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Casting Access Welcomes Clair Simon July 19 - Submission Deadline is July 9
07/10/2010 12:00am

Claire Simon, of Claire Simon Casting, is our special guest for a Casting Access event on July 19.

Simon does not want to re-interview anyone that she has seen in the past year. Please, respect her request and do not apply for this event if you have met with Simon since July 2009.

Claire Simon Casting is currently conducting auditions for the Fox Television show, Ride Along, which is filming 12 episodes in Chicago beginning at the end of July. The Ride Along pilot—shot in Chicago in April—was picked up by Fox as a mid-season replacement.

The submission deadline is 5 p.m. Friday, July 9.

Submission instructions for this event are available at and If you have any questions, please call the AFTRA/SAG office, (312) 573-8081.

AFTRA/SAG Chicago’s Casting Access/Agent Access program is an ongoing, cooperative venture for the mutual benefit of Chicago talent agents, casting professionals and AFTRA/SAG members in good standing. It is not a workshop, training or “feedback” program or a guarantee of work or future audition or employment opportunities. It is an opportunity for casting professionals and talent agents to hold “generals” and become better acquainted with the wide variety of talent in Chicago’s AFTRA and SAG memberships.

Please follow the submission instructions below for this event.

Casting Access/Talent Access – 2010

What This Is

An ongoing, cooperative venture for the mutual benefit of Chicago casting professionals, talent agents and AFTRA/SAG members in good standing;

An opportunity for casting professionals and talent agents to hold “generals” and become better acquainted with the wide variety of talent in Chicago’s AFTRA and SAG memberships;

A legitimate opportunity for AFTRA and SAG members to audition for or interview with casting directors and talent agents in a professional atmosphere.

What This Isn’t
A workshop, training or “feedback” program or a guarantee of work or future audition or employment opportunities.

Guidelines for Actors – Q & A
In order to position this program for maximum success we must ask that ALL GUIDELINES for member participation be followed to the letter. We also reserve the right to amend the program from time to time in order to accommodate a specific request of a casting director or talent agent, but we will always do our best to communicate any temporary or lasting changes well in advance of events.

Who may participate?
All members of Chicago’s SAG Branch and/or AFTRA Local (including those throughout the Midwest who are now affiliated with Chicago) in good standing and dues current are allowed to submit and have their materials passed on to casting directors/talent agents for consideration. Non-members may not participate in this program.

Access events for both on-camera and voice performers will be scheduled, based on demand from casting directors/talent agents. Members are asked to provide only professional-quality materials for submission, in accordance with current industry standards. For on-camera, this means professional-quality headshots and clean, legible resumes. Voice submissions must be professional-quality demos on compact disc.

Selections will be made entirely at the discretion of the casting professionals or talent agents and in the interest of fairness, they may choose to give some priority to members they haven’t met before, or who haven’t auditioned for them in more than a year. Again: SAG and AFTRA will have absolutely no influence over the selection process beyond staff verification of membership in good standing at time of submission.

Are these “real” auditions? What will I need to prepare?
Access events are most definitely real opportunities! They are not workshops, classes or “mock” auditions. Most events will operate like traditional “generals”.

How do I submit for Casting Access events?
Materials may be mailed or hand-delivered to: SAG/AFTRA Chicago, One East Erie, Suite 650, Chicago IL 60611. Please place your materials in a standard-sized envelope and print only the following information very clearly on the outside front:

Your name – as it is listed with the union(s)
Your AFTRA and/or SAG member identification number(s)
The name of the casting director or talent agency

For example – John Xavier Doe
                     SAG # 8901234
                     AFTRA # 1234567
                     JANE ALDERMAN

You must submit a separate envelope for each event—materials will not be shared or recycled. If more than one event has been announced for coming months, you may submit for all scheduled events at the same time (with separate materials) and need not wait for individual submission periods.
Submissions without legible name and valid member ID number(s) on the outside front of the envelope will not be accepted. It is your responsibility to provide us with your correct name as it is listed with the union(s) and accurate union ID number(s).

Anything else about materials?
While you should certainly include any current representation information in your materials, you must also include at least ONE RELIABLE PHONE NUMBER (on your resume or with your demo) to be used to contact you if you are selected to participate in an event. Volunteers will not share your personal contact information with anyone, but it is your responsibility to give us accurate and dependable contact information.

Who decides if I’m eligible to be submitted?
SAG/AFTRA staff will privately verify your paid-up status when your submission is received. If you are unclear of your status, it is your responsibility to check with the local office well in advance of a submission deadline. If staff cannot verify your paid-up status, you will not be notified and your materials will not be passed on to the casting director.

How will I find out if I’ve been chosen for an event?
Staff or member volunteers will help facilitate the scheduling of events and will contact the participants via phone ONLY. As stated above, please make sure that your materials include a reliable, working contact telephone number where you can be reached or receive messages in advance of the event. We will leave only one message per participant regarding an appointment time—either with a person or on a machine/voicemail. In the case of a V/M, the participant must RSVP within one business day. In the event of busy signals, disconnects or voicemail/answering machine failures, we will make only two attempts to reach you on two consecutive days.

Members who are not selected to participate will not be contacted. Please do NOT contact the SAG/AFTRA office to request information about participants. All selected participants will be notified at least one week in advance of the event. If by this time you have not heard from an Access volunteer, you should assume that you have not been selected for this one event. As time allows, we may post a list of selections in the KMRC in advance of a specific event, but we ask for your understanding and utmost professionalism in respecting this industry protocol.

What happens after I’m notified of an appointment?
The appointment date and time you have been assigned by the casting director/talent agent is not negotiable. If you find that you cannot attend at the time you’re offered, you must decline your audition and will go to the top of the list for their next Access event.

Finally, if you want to be assured of hearing about these events and other breaking news please subscribe to Chicago’s e-newsletter, The Activator. Send an email to with “ADD ME” in the subject line. Please include your name and membership number(s) so we can add your email address to your membership record.