Local Member Benefits

Local Benefits

AFTRA-SAG Federal Credit Union
From Coogan accounts to savings and checking accounts, auto and home loans, investments, retirement and estate planning, AFTRA-SAG FCU provides superior financial services to everyone in the business of entertaining. Like you, our goal is to exceed expectations - to outperform at every stage. For more information go to www.aftrasagfcu.org.

AFTRA Foundation The AFTRA Foundation is building for the future of performers, broadcasters, and recording artists.Founded by the AFTRA National Board of Directors in 1997 as a separate legal entity from the union, the AFTRA Foundation is a charitable and educational organization funded through tax-deductible voluntary contributions, grants, and bequests—not SAG-AFTRA member dues—to support projects outside the scope of normal activities of SAG-AFTRA, including charitable endeavors, special conferences, studies, seminars, and other events.
For more information, contact Lynda Rivers, AFTRA Foundation, at lynda.rivers@sagaftra.org.

Stay in your top professional shape by attending the Arizona Conservatory, offering the latest tips for success in the business and the hands-on instruction you need for landing the part. Notices for workshops and special conservatory events are announced to all Arizona members by way of e-Newsletter and e-blasts.

Free movie screenings
Free movie screeningsand discounts on career related products and services announced to members through regular publications and e-blasts.

Grace Etchen Library
Plays, scenes scripts, tapes and DVDs are available for members to check out at the Grace Etchen Library located at the SAG-AFTRA office. Call 623-687-9977 to arrange a visit.

The SAG Foundation
The SAG Foundation enhances the lives of members by investing in programs that help them in their professional endeavors. Their financial assistance, catastrophic health, educational and literacy programs reflect the concerns and interests of SAG-AFTRA members as well as their desire to "give back" to their communities. The SAG Foundation is independent from SAG-AFTRA but offers substantive services to union members, free of charge. For details please visit www.sagfoundation.org or call (323) 549-6708.

The Actors’ Fund
The Actors’ Fund is a resource for all entertainment professionals in need, crisis or transition. It provides social services and emergency financial assistance, employment and training, housing and health services. Call (323) 933-9244 or go to www.actorsfund.org.

Member Benefits
Update Member Information

Arizona Federal Credit Union
800-888-4603 (outside Maricopa County)

DM Federal Credit Union
800-888-7882 (outside of Tucson)

Members are eligible to join Costco by presenting their membership card as verification of eligibility.

Everyday Savings with Union Plus
Benefits include discounts on travel, computers and entertainment. Union Plus delivers the best benefits through the collective buying power of over 13 million AFL-CIO union members and helps union members enjoy life at a great price. SAG members enjoy discounts on credit services, legal services, pet services, travel, computers, and much more. www.unionplus.org

Fax, Phone, & Computer
Members may stop by the offices to use the fax machine or telephone for business related purposes. Members may ask for support to update resumes.  
Membership Orientation
Individual orientation sessions may be requested and held at the SAG-AFTRA offices to inform and educate new members, as well as members who have recently transferred to Arizona.

Rate Card
Members receive a wallet sized rate card containing current rates for commercials, television, industrial/educational, and non-broadcast recorded audio.

Members are invited to attend our seminars, forums, and workshops designed to build your skills and strengthen your marketability.

For more information on these or other benefits, please contact the SAG-AFTRA offices.