AZ-UT LOCAL MEMBERS: Meet Your Convention Delegates

AZ-UT LOCAL MEMBERS: Meet Your Convention Delegates

Please meet the three delegates who will be representing the Arizona-Utah Local at the SAG-AFTRA Inaugural National Convention in Los Angeles Sept. 26-28, 2013. Board members and delegates are:

·         Margie Ghigo - National Board Member

·         Joe Corcoran - Arizona-Utah Local President

·         John Darin - Member-at-Large - Utah


If you would like to share any thoughts or concerns that you would like your delegates to carry to the Convention (or any time in the future), you can send them an email to or  


Also, please be reminded that your board includes members whose seats specifically represent geographic locations. These board members include:

·         Betty Ann Carr – Vice President - Utah

·         Rodd Wolff – Vice President - Northern Arizona

·         Bob Gottlieb – Vice President - Southern Arizona


Board members-at-large are Micha Espinosa, Kyle Marsh, Marla Price.


Again, if you wish to communicate about specific geographic issues (e.g. workshops, coffee clubs, etc.) that you would like to experience in your own neighborhood send an email to or

Thank you.