Letter to Members from SAG 1st Vice President Ned Vaughn

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Letter to Members from SAG 1st Vice President Ned Vaughn

As I begin my second term as 1st vice president, I’m very encouraged by the strong sense of eagerness among members about the prospect of uniting SAG and AFTRA. The recent SAG elections reflected that eagerness in a powerful way; once again, pro-merger candidates were overwhelmingly elected here in Hollywood and across the country.

As a board member and member of the G1 (the Group for One Union, which is currently developing a formal merger plan), I have lots of chances to discuss merger. But my favorite opportunities happen when I’m simply going about the business of being an actor, talking with fellow performers on the set or at auditions.

Those conversations have always been valuable to me — they’re the reason I got involved in Guild leadership in the first place. I’ve been a professional actor for more than 25 years. I’ve had some good years and plenty of tough ones…and I know first-hand what it’s like to worry about mortgage payments, doctor bills or other important expenses because it’s been too long since my last job. Working as an actor can be very rewarding, but making a career of it is a true challenge.

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