Ken Howard Memorial Wall

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President Ken Howard Memorial Wall

I am so saddened by this loss. I will so very much miss seeing Ken at our events and panel discussions. His energy was so contagious. 
-Alexis LeFortune

I'm so sad to hear about the passing of our wonderful president, Ken Howard. He led our union through the toughest change with the merging of two unions to one. He did such a wonderful job that he was re-elected. I'm happy that he brought about change, and so sad to hear of his loss. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.
-Sandee Bengel

How lucky are we to have had such a steady voice working for our rights. And for the world to have enjoyed his work as an actor of repute. Beloved and accomplished! Bravo! My thoughts and prayers to his family. R.I.P to a good man.
-Marta Vidal

We waited a long time for SAG-AFTRA. It happened on your watch. Thank you, Ken.
-Joe Spano

A sadness has befallen us. We have lost a great and dedicated fellow actor. He marched in our ranks and then bravely led us forward. This is a profound loss to us all. We must carry on the fight to protect and support our fellow performers. And we must educate and encourage the young and newer ones coming up to be a greater force for their own security. SAG-AFTRA forever!
-Madison Mason

I worked with Ken at the Ahmanson years ago. He was an excellent actor and a nice man. I was fortunate to have known him. Thank you, Ken, for your contributions to the craft and the industry.
-Philip Levien

Ken was a very special representative of our Union. His work as an actor allowed him a special insight into our needs and goals as performers in our very personal profession. It is rare that actors find someone who can represent us with the sensitivity and business sense that Ken was able to muster. I applaud his integrity and his honesty. We were all well served by his steadfast resolve for our benefit. God Bless him. May all actors take solace in Ken's caring and concern for his fellow actors' well-being. It's hard to find one of us who looks after all of his compatriots with such understanding.
-Stuart Dillon

A fine career and a fine man who will live on not only through his work, but because he was at the helm when, at long last, we became SAG-AFTRA.
-Michele Hart

Like so many others, I was deeply saddened to hear of Ken’s passing. I offer my sincerest condolences to his wife, Linda, the rest of his family, and the scores of others who, like me, loved and admired him. He gave us all he had—as an artist, a unionist and a friend to many.  A fitting tribute would be to carry on the work he undertook so diligently. To create work of beauty and significance, to promote the welfare of our union and its members in a decidedly unfriendly era, and, especially, to be a friend to those who need one. Farewell to a true friend. I thank you for making the world a better place for many, most certainly for my family and me.
-Fred Melamed

Ken Howard managed to be the picture of calm and class for our Union even in difficult times. His passing will be a great loss. However, how fortunate we are that his performances live on. What a legacy he's left behind and a blessing he's been to all of us.
-Sherry Adamo