Ken Howard Memorial Wall

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President Ken Howard Memorial Wall

The first time Ken and I spoke was about 8 years ago, his very first day as President of SAG. I was a day player going to pay my dues, and we started talking in the parking garage and hit it off. My eight year friendship with Ken will live in me for the rest of my days. A wonderful actor, a great friend, a teenager’s hero, The White Shadow. God Bless you pal, you were loved and will be missed.
-Bruce Serafin

I am so saddened at the news of Ken's passing. Ken was a terrific actor who really made a huge impact when he showed his leadership skills during the merger, and then as our President. My condolences to his family.
-Ed Arnold

As a SAG-AFTRA member, it was truly an honor to vote for Ken Howard as our President. As a child, I enjoyed watching him as Coach Reeves on The White Shadow. Rest in Peace Ken Howard, our SAG-AFTRA is stronger and more unified as a direct result of your leadership. My deepest condolences to his family.
-Sandra Matthews-Sims

My deepest condolences to all of Ken Howard's family members. His dedication, selfless commitment and service to our membership will be sorely missed. May he rest in peace.
-Hernán de Béky

An amazing man, a visionary, with the ability to unite, educate, teach and advocate. He has long served as an inspiration to me, truly illuminating a better way, a smarter path and allowing me to introspectively know that we all can be that agent of change, that person who can touch and change a life by the choices we make. A man who chose to give so much of himself, he will leave a legacy to the world in the legions of people he touched, moved, entertained and forever changed for the good. Deepest sympathy to his family and his extraordinarily wide circle of those who loved him.
-Mark Kenneth Collins

Not many can claim a legacy as a unifier. But Ken first brought peace to a union in chaos, and then unified both SAG and AFTRA. My hope is that his historic work will continue and inspire our members and future leadership of our union.
-Ron Michaelson

I had the pleasure to run into Ken a couple years ago, and as is my habit when I meet a tall actor, I asked the 6'6" Howard about his experiences being tall in a notoriously short industry. He shared a story of his early years in New York, before anyone knew him and could be scared away by his height. When anyone called his agent and asked about his height, the answer was, "it varies." This allowed him a little "wiggle-room" to be 6'3" if need be. He was extremely generous, offering me advice and suggesting tips on how to help a director of photography light us more easily. In a town where it's easy to dismiss a stranger, he was warm, generous, and full of advice I'll be using until I'm 71. May he rest in peace.
-Ian Delaney

God bless the brave. As a strong union supporter, I am deeply saddened by Ken Howard going to his next gig upstairs. God bless his soul.
-Maria Diane

A uniter not a divider. And I still love his work in 1776 and as a coach. Farewell Thomas Jefferson, our White Shadow. Your drive to unity and your work live on, Ken.
-John Henry

I had the pleasure to meet and converse with Ken several times over the years. We talked about merger, the concerns and needs of our membership. Ken was completely engaged, committed and involved on every level it seemed to me. Each time, I was impressed with his commitment to our union, our members and to the future of SAG-AFTRA. He shall be missed. And, he shall be remembered as leader with remarkable grace, even when under pressure. I am very, very sad that he left us so soon. I send my sincerest condolences and prayers to his lovely wife Linda and to all the staff at SAG-AFTRA who worked closely with him day to day.
-Marisa Redanty