Ken Howard Memorial Wall

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President Ken Howard Memorial Wall

It was an honor working with and knowing Ken Howard. He was a fantastic actor and a wonderful, kind, hilarious man, and he will be greatly missed. My deepest love and condolences go to his fabulous wife Linda. If you feel inspired, please make a donation to their amazing Onyx and Breezy Foundation.
-Kaley Cuoco

What a great guy, humble and hardworking talent. You will be missed. Thank you for representing us!
-Constance Marie

Ken Howard was a wonderful actor, a wonderful person--with a great laugh. I will really miss him.
- Illeana Douglas

A wonderful actor and lovely person, Ken was my first Broadway leading man. I played Martha, his wife, to his Thomas Jefferson in 1776. It was my Broadway debut, and our first scene together featured a lengthy on-stage kiss. Benjamin Franklin had sent for me, Jefferson’s bride, to assist him with his writer’s block while attempting to write the Declaration of Independence. I had never kissed anyone onstage, and I felt pretty self-conscious about it all, though Ken was very courtly and made it all easy. Still, it was no easy feat for a full scene — especially given the fact that Ken was six feet six-and-a-half inches tall. And I was not. He will be greatly missed. My heart goes out to his wife, Linda Fetters Howard. 
-Betty Buckley

Will always remember working with the great Ken Howard on one of my favorite West Wing scenes ever. #PutHimOnTheBuss
-Rob Lowe

RIP Ken Howard. He played my dad on a pilot once and told me great Mickey Mantle stories.
-Ike Barinholtz

Ken, you had a giant smile on your face every time we spoke and I will never forget it. RIP my friend.
-Aaron Paul

Ken was a great union leader and actor, and was also in what will be known as the funniest prop photo in the history of film.
-Mindy Kaling

Fondly remembering Ken Howard, the very fine actor and SAG-AFTRA President known to those of us on The Office as Ed Truck. A nice guy and a very warm, funny performer.
-B.J. Novak

RIP Ken Howard. One of the greats in so many ways. It was a privilege and an honor knowing you and getting to work with you. #heartbroken
-Peter Facinelli

Rest in peace Ken Howard. Wonderful man, great actor and served our guild well.
-Kate Walsh

Ken played an uptight and snobbish banker in Oscar, a farce I directed in 1991. He had a ball portraying an effete and rather unsympathetic character, and was very funny in the role. He was a delight to work with as an actor, and a stalwart and forthright union man.
-John Landis

As a nominee for the Orange Is the New Black ensemble in 2015, I sat with my husband, John Witham, at a table near the stage before the show. Few guests were seated yet and no one was overseeing the space. From stage left, this tall, good-looking guy came casually strolling across the stage and descended the stairs to the floor. It was Ken. As he started up the aisle, eyeing the path as he walked, deep in thought, it seemed, we rose to our feet and began to loudly sing a memorable slow march from the Broadway show, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, that the three of us had appeared in 40 years before. Ken was the star and we ran one week! It was a painful experience for us all. He looked at us as he stopped and held his head with a loud groan. Then we all had a good laugh and hugs and reminisced about that show, which was where Jack and I first met. We were always proud to have known him and enjoyed greeting him over the years. Our memories are fond. He was a talented, warm and generous man with a great sense of humor. We miss him already. We send our love and sympathy to his lovely wife and best pal, Linda.
-Beth Fowler