June SAG Agent of the Month: Kendall Park, JLA, West Hollywood

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June SAG Agent of the Month: Kendall Park, JLA, West Hollywood

June SAG Agent of the Month: Kendall Park, JLA, West Hollywood

Pamela Marie Hobby and Kendall Park

SAG member Pamela Marie Hobby and agent Kendall Park, JLA

— Submitted by Screen Actors Guild member Pamela Marie Hobby

If success is measured by loving what you do in life, then my agent Kendall Park of JLA (Jack Lippman Agency) will be successful for the rest of his life. He's a one-of-a-kind mentor that I consider my Ace in the Hole.
I'll never forget that Kendall was my first Hollywood agent after moving from Oklahoma to chase my dream of acting. He is still my agent to this day because he has made such a difference in my life. He was the first person in the industry to take a chance on me. I was "green" and he took the time to teach me about the business of acting. He would discuss everything from the best headshots to the best places to park at my auditions. I believe in his abilities as an agent because he has an honest way of doing his job. I never second guess what he says because his actions continually show me that he is always striving to help his clients. When a headshot session is not the best session, then he is straightforward with me about needing a reshoot. I rely on his candor because I know that he's helping me achieve at the highest of standards. He has integrity.
My favorite quote that he repeats as I walk out of his office is, "money doesn't sleep!" Kendall toils at all hours until the job gets done. Beyond having a great work ethic, he makes time for clients when there isn't time. I watched a father of a child actor stop by his office without an appointment, and he welcomed him inside with a smile. He squeezed the meeting in right before I was supposed to meet with him. As the father was leaving he thanked Kendall for all of his advice and Kendall said, "Man, you know I'm always at my office. Please stop by anytime." He's compassionate.
When I asked him what I could be doing to help him out, he suggested that I start training for improv at Second City. He knew someone that could connect me into their classes. I was nervous, but I knew that it would stretch me as an actor so I decided to take his guidance. That was 3 years ago. After finishing their Conservatory and Graduate programs, I'm still studying at the Second City Training Center. It was harder than any college acting class I'd ever taken and it supplied a community of actors just like me ready to laugh, play, and joke around! I have him to thank for pushing me to do it. Just recently, he told me that he was proud of me for coming so far in such a short amount of time. I realized at that moment that he wasn't tallying up all of the auditions I hadn't booked, but rather he was genuinely rooting for ME! He's a mastermind in developing talent.       
I'd like to recognize Kendall Park of JLA (Jack Lippman Agency) as a way to give back after all of the millions of headshots he's clicked through and all of the countless auditions he's hustled for me. I'm loyal to him as an agent and as a friend. I can't deny that I've imagined thanking him in my Oscar speech (which I may or may not be rehearsing until the day finally arrives). I have a feeling he'll have a BIG hand in my future.  That's why he's my Ace in the Hole.
Pamela Marie Hobby

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