What We Stand to Lose

We’ve been through two rounds of negotiations with our employers, and they’ve rejected every proposal we’ve made (see “What We Stand For”).

They also put forward a few proposals of their own.

  • Our employers propose to fine you $2,500 if you show up late or are not “attentive to the services for which [you] have been engaged.” This means you could be fined for almost anything: checking an incoming text, posting to your Twitter feed, even zoning out for a second. If a producer feels you are being “inattentive,” they want the option to fine you $2,500.
  • Our employers propose to fine your agent $50,000-100,000 if they don't send you out on certain auditions (like Atmospheric Voices or One Hour One Voice sessions). And if your agent chooses not to submit you for certain auditions, the employers want it put into contract language that SAG-AFTRA will revoke the agent’s union franchise. This would mean your agency would not be able to send you or anyone else they represent out on any union jobs, including those in animation, TV/Film, Commercials, etc.
  • Our employers don’t believe that Motion and Performance Capture work is covered under this contract. The companies also proposed they be allowed to hire their own employees to play characters in video games without having to join the union.
  • There are other proposals that reduce integration/reuse fees and allow the sunset of Cloud Gaming provisions that rollback the gains we’ve made in previous contracts.

Simply put, these proposals are completely without precedent in the entertainment industry and we believe they are reckless and ill-advised.

We look forward to a dialogue with producers that focuses on making games better, rather than making actors’ lives worse.

Click here to download a PDF file of the producers' proposal.

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