Negotiations Info

As the negotiations for the new SAG-AFTRA Interactive Media Agreement continues, it is vitally important for all of our membership to know:

What We Stand For

Your Interactive Committee has worked hard to bring the concerns of working video game performers to the negotiating table.

On Feb. 2, a group of video game performers and video game producers met to renegotiate the Interactive Media Agreement.

Some of the folks in the room were big hitters and signatories to the existing contract, including EA Games, Activision, Disney and Warner Bros., as well as smaller recording studios like Blindlight and Formosa. We put our proposals on the table, they put their proposals on the table, there was some polite and spirited back and forth, but no agreement was reached. 

Both sides met again on June 23. Still, no agreement was reached.

We are now at a crossroads. All our members need to know:

What We Stand to Lose

As you might know, the Interactive Media Agreement was first negotiated by SAG and AFTRA in the mid-1990s, and this agreement is still the template we use today despite radical changes in what we are required to do on set and in the recording studio. We’re looking to bring this long-standing agreement into the 21st Century by addressing the following issues, which were arrived at after extensive one-on-one, small group and big meeting interactions and discussions with members like you.

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