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Carl Ka Ho Li


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    Available to work in the following additional locations: CA - Hollywood, Massachusetts
    Agency Contact Type Location

    Physical Characteristics:

    Gender: Male
    Height: 5' 6"
    Weight: 115 lbs.
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Brown
    Waist: 28"
    Body Type(s): Athletic,  Petite,  Slim,  Thin
    Portrayable Age: 16 years - 26 years
    Portrayable Ethnicities: Asian/Pacific Islander,  Chinese,  Eurasian,  Filipino,  Japanese,  Korean,  Malaysian,  Taiwanese (Taiwan),  Thai (Thailand),  Vietnamese
    Disability Information:


    Revenge of the Green Dragons CHICKEN WING Andrew Lau/Andrew Loo; Martin Scorsese Exec. Producer
    Zombie Survival Guide ALEX Michael Caccamo
    The Struggle HEART Michael Caccamo
    Hurley Antics: 101 [Pre-Production] ROBBIE Gregory Pellerito
    Dread Spawn: Head Wrong Eugune Anna-Marie Ho
    Play (Chinese - Cantonese) KHAN Johnny Ma
    Prodigy JOON Rachel Israel
    Serotonin IAN Jason Alarcon
    Big Brother MICHAEL Matthew Chao
    Untitled AAFL Relay Project 2K9 (Post-Production) MONGOOSE/3 A.M. Asian American Film Lab: Film Relay Project
    M.O.C.A. FEATURED MIME AI-Pictures, (D) Anura Idupuganti
    Takeout JUSTIN CHOW Gerry Kim
    Smoke and Mirrors HENRY WONG (CO-STAR) Theresa Wu
    What The Hell Is Going On!? MARK Julien Sekely & Emilie RIchard
    Conlang LEX Marta Masferrer
    Secrecy JOHN (CO-STAR) Eddie Lebron Jr.
    Loveless (Chinese - Cantonese) ALAN FUNG (CO-STAR) Eddie Lebron Jr.
    Pistol Whipped Principal (CHINESE GANG KID) Marker Productions, LLC
    Triple 8 Palace (66,000 MPH) WING (CO-STAR) Alexander Ku
    Out of The Fog TALLU Maya Batash
    Plagarist, The BILLY CHEUNG (CO-STAR) J.C. Khoury
    Sysiphus Myth A.J. Elvire Duvelle
    Hot and Sour YOUNG LAO-YEH Ya Fang Cheng
    Lost Cause RICK Chris Vater
    9-Ball For Dummies LEAD (GEEK) Janice Y. Perez
    Cindy's Nails CHONG Zohar Lavi
    Sarah ADAM Sophia Berman Fotiadis
    Broken Road PRINCIPAL (EX-BOYFRIEND) Mametchi Films
    Flight of the Conchords Featured Dancer Season 2, Ep. 02, HBO | Dakota Pictures
    Law and Order Principal (Lookout) Season 19, Ep. "Knock Off"
    JV (Junior Varsity) Pilot Martin Liu 15th Street Productions
    Flight of the Conchords Featured Dancer Season 1, Ep. 02
    Lipstick Jungle Hector Mattrick's Assistant
    The Outreach Morty Stefan Hartmann, Carina Jollie
    Math Warriors Feng Wang Kristina Harris,
    Season 01, 02, 03, 04, 05
    Battle Below Cooper Bruce Faulk -
    Method or Day Player Season 1, Episode 01, 03
    * Available Upon Request *
    My Brother, My Hero (Staged Screenplay Reading) Tian-Tsai Yangtze Rep. Th., NYC | Asian American Film Lab, NYC
    Lady White Snake Xu Xian Yangtze Rep. Th., NYC & David Shen Dance Group
    Japanoir Toshiro Narayama Take Two, Direct Arts, NYC
    Paper Angels Lee Sung Fei San Fran Fring Fest., Direct Arts, NYC.
    Laughing In The Wind Tian Yangtze Rep. Theater, NYC
    In Situ (I...Labyrinth) Quad 4/DIONYSUS/MINOTAUR Various Venues
    Good God Enters Flossing Billy Universal Theater Festival
    Ore, Or, Or (Staged Workshop) Yamashita Dir: Laura O'Brien, New Works Festival, NYC
    Soul Leaves Her Body Wang Wen-Chu Dir.: Peter Flaherty, Here, NYC
    Acheron Ferry Zian Dir: D.J. Fogel
    Design For Living Leo TheaterVision/PLAYTIME, NYC
    Honor (Staged Workshop) Ensemble Prospect Theatre, NYC
    Auntie Mayhem Ivan Gato Flaco Prod., Dir: DJ Fogel
    Henry VI Part 2 (Staged Reading) Buckingham Instant Shakespeare Company
    Fresh (Showcase) Lead Momentum NYC
    Wo Dzai (Staged Workshop) Lead (Older Yung Chi) Phoenix Entertainment
    Off Stage: The West Village Fragments Julie Bovasso, Hydra, Prologue Peculiar Works Project, NYC
    Hook Up Lead (Ben) Most Polite Productions, Strawberry 1-Act Play Festival
    Prometheus Bound Prometheus University of Connecticut (UConn)
    Waiting For Godot Lucky Studio D Series, Uconn
    Bluebeard Lamia, The Leopard Woman University of Connecticut
    A Midsummer Night's Dram Oberon | Theseus Academy of the Arts, CT
    Once on This Island Papa Ge Academy of the Arts, CT
    Outlawed James Turner (#6) | Number 7 Manchester College, CT
    Sisters Matsumoto Henry Sakai Connecticut Repertory Theatre
    Red Noses Flaggelant Connecticut Repertory Theatre
    God Spiel Male Prostitute Bust Out Productions
    The Aliens Nayaran WBAI 99.5FM Radio Drama, NYC
    IMDB 02
    VIDEOS (Not Updated)
    More VIDEOS (Not Updated)
    Math Warriors Webseries
    Loveless (Short Film - Cantonese)
    Secrecy (Short Film)
    First Impressions w/ Carl Li & Jaysen Headley
    Asian American Film Lab [AAFilmLab]
    Actor Bio
    Carl was born in Hong Kong and raised in Connecticut, and ever since his childhood, he has been pursuing the mediums of entertainment. He graduated the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts high school as a dance major, and was a member of the "Oddfellows Playhouse," performance group "Fiesta!." and cofounder/choreographer of the group "Power Surge." He has a BFA in Acting from the University of Connecticut, where he studied Stanislavski, Absurdism, Contemporary Classics, Greeks, Shakespeare and trained in the Suzuki Technique under Eric Hill. He moved to NYC around 2004 and furthered his acting training through the Eric Morris System at the Bova Actor's Workshop, NYC. He has since worked on various film, television, stage, and dance productions, and he continues to explore various mediums of self-expression. He is an active member of the David Shen Dance Group, having aided in the formation of its current iteration in 2010.
    Carl first became involved with the Asian American Film Lab (AAFilmLab) around 2005 and eventually joined the Management Team in 2007 as part of the Outreach Committee. Around 2010, he also took on the title of Web Content/Social Media Manager, for his work with increasing the presence and influence of the organization. He became the president in 2010, and has spearheaded a fresh chapter of AAFilmLab, bringing new members to the current membership, while also reconnecting ties to past members. Under his leadership, the AAFilmLab Management has worked to bring about a number of changes for the organization, with an emphasis on a re-envisioned mission statement. Some of these changes include the development of the successful Unfinished Works and Industry Spotlight programs, as well as a focus on furthering the presence of the organization in the filmmaking community. Carl is proud of having recruited the current Management Team, and together they work to ensure that the organization continues its successful progress.
    Comic Books, Dance, Acting, Music, Film, Singing, Martial Arts, Working Out, Learning, Laughing, Ideas, Analyzing, Organizing, Meeting People, Travel, Spoken Word, Sound Design, Performance Art, Guerilla Theatre, Drawing, Art, Photography,

    Skills and Training:

    Special Skills
    Choreographer, Improv, Jazz Dancer, Martial Arts Specialist, Model, Percussionist, Roller Blader, Swimmer
    English - Native Cantonese - Conversational Chinese - Conversational
    Other Skills
    DANCE: Hip-Hop, Modern, Movement, Jazz, Theatre Dance, | MARTIAL ARTS: Kung Fu, Tai Chi, | SINGING: Tenor, | DRIVING: Automatic, Standard, | Yoga, Ukulele, Percussion, Rollerblading, Print Modeling, Improv, Passport Available
    Professional Training/Education
    Eric Morris System - Bova Actors Workshop, NYC - Anthony Vincent Bova
    Kung Fu & Tai Chi - Master Hu Jian Qiang, Master Malee Khow, Shifu Edward Aguirre, Barbara Chan
    Commercial Acting - Angela Montalbano
    BFA Acting, Theatre Studies - University of Connecticut (UConn) & Manchester College, CT
    Suzuki Training, Contemporary Classics, Greek, Shakespeare - Eric Hill, Kristin Wold
    Ballet, Jazz, African, Musical Theatre, Modern - Jean Sabatine, Christine Gamberdella -CT Arts Acad.
    Absurdism, Comedy - Robert McDonald & Kristin Wold
    Film Acting - Jerry Kraser
    VOICE - Dr. David Allan Stern, Karen Ryker, Jacky Jarrett
    Military Training
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