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Shalon Delgado


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    Available to work in the following additional locations: District of Columbia, New York
    Agency Contact Type Location

    Physical Characteristics:

    Gender: Female
    Height: 5' 4"
    Weight: 160 lbs.
    Hair: Blonde
    Eyes: Brown
    Dress Size: 12
    Pant Size: 12
    Bust/Chest: 38"
    Cup Size: C
    Waist: 34"
    Hips: 42"
    Body Type(s): Athletic,  Average,  Voluptuous
    Portrayable Age: 25 years - 35 years
    Portrayable Ethnicities: African American,  Dominican,  Iranian,  Israeli,  Latino/Hispanic,  Lithuanian,  Middle Eastern,  Native American Indian,  Other Ethnicity,  Puerto Rican,  Spanish
    Disability Information:


    You're F@#kn Dead Dee A Jay Spence Film
    Shadows of a Stranger Naomi Robinson Bros.
    Voicemail Vanessa/Olivia Robinson Bros.
    Dead Money Porsha Sunjada Productions
    Sweet Dreams Dr. Pleasence 7/8 PROductions
    Trifecta Agent Shalon Visionist Studios
    China White Crystal Robinson Bros. Productions
    End of Occupation Angry Girlfriend Three wish Alley
    Dissident Display Storm Dissident Display Productions
    He's Mine Shelly Flip Side TV productions
    Keep it Gangsta II Baby Weeze Productions
    Preparations for a Murder Victoria Robinson Bros. Productions
    Mile High City Claire New Wave Productions
    C.E.O. The Web Series Kelly TeMoney World Productions
    DTE Angela Jaimeson Cradle Rock enterprise
    DCMM Live Shalon Delgado DCMM Productions
    Diedra's Place Maria JeJ Productions
    Voice Over
    So Good to U Shalon Delgado Mad Flavor TV
    DCMM Live Shalon Delgado, Narration DCMM Productions
    Urban Soul Nation Internet Radio Maria from Diedra's Place JeJ Productions
    Tabi Bonney "Favorite Song" Music Video Walking Model Moy's Production
    Will Star & Brother Maniac Music Video Lead Model Lefty
    Rated R Music Video Model Trio D n D Entertainment
    Jay Scott Project Music Video Lead Model Alan Tae
    Bizzle Boy "Chincilla" Music Video Lead Model Bizzle boy Productions
    The Co-op "Naked" Music Video Model g.light Films
    Triple Team Ent. "Everything" Music Video Lead Model Bob Smoke TV
    Luegar "Weekend Girl" Music Video Model Antar Hanif
    Encore Music Video Lead Model
    Wale Music Video Model Chris Robinson
    Sabio Mero "Mirala" Music Video Lead Model Mero Vision
    The Co-op "Ddot, Cdot" Music Video Lead Model g.light Films
    The Co-op "Girl" Music Video Lead Model g.light Films
    Darlette Gayle's Shalon Delgado, News Reporter Mad Flavor TV
    How to become a beautiful Super Model Shalon Delgado, Trainer Expert Village
    ESPN Promo Water Girl ESPN
    AARP Mother of Family GMMB
    Hennessey Lead Model at Party Moy's Production
    Actor Bio
    On July, 11th, 1974 from N.E. Portland, Oregon emerged Shalon! With a blended ethnicity of Lithuanian, African American and Indian, Shalon's beauty reflects both inside and out.
    Raised in a loving and supportive environment, Shalon benefited from both her parents. With her father as a director of urban housing and development, and former police officer and her mother a professional Choreographer in dance and the arts, and former Model and Theatre actress creates a talented individual in Shalon.
    At the age of 6, Shalon moved to a small town in Washington State where her family built a horse ranch. The development of the family's horse ranch drove Shalon to master horsemanship! Shalon grew very competitive on a national level. Skillful in many different fields of western horsemanship, Shalon began to teach others her many skills. Shalon was rewarded by watching her students grow very successful in their careers!
        Shalon was trained by her mother in ballet, tap, jazz, and modern hip hop. Shalon's mother also gave her lessons in etiquette and modeling. Shalon's childhood consisted of participating in dance recitals, plays and fashion shows! In high school, Shalon took classes in drama. During her junior year in high school, Shalon moved back to Portland. In Oregon, Shalon enrolled in Barbazon, in San Diego it was John Casablanca's and in Maryland John Robert Power's which are modeling schools.
    Shalon joined the navy and was stationed in San Diego, California. It was in California where she completed her tour and continued her modeling and acting careers. Shalon traveled back and forth to Los Angeles to appear in movies, commercials, and to work with local fashion shows and model shoots.
        Years later, Shalon moved to the east coast to Maryland. While in Maryland, Shalon came to the realization that she needed to rebuild her career. During this construction, Shalon mapped out her new direction and took off like a bullet!
    Shalon has 4 children. Shalon has been featured in many films and appeared in numerous magazines. Shalon is internationally recognized in books, and in print ads! She has also been in music videos. Shalon currently is working on her music career as well as acting.
    Shalon is an amazing well rounded model, actress, mother, and CEO who loves and is committed to what she does! All these attributes creates a very successful woman in Shalon!

    Skills and Training:

    Special Skills
    Animal Handler, Baseball Player, Billiard Player, Bowler, Golfer, Horseback Rider, Marksman (Rifles & Pistols), Model, Roller Blader, Skier-Water, Volleyball Player, Yoga
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