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Rob Tode


O Agency


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Sound Clips:

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Agency Contact Type Location
O Agency 505-344-3149 TV & TH VO New Mexico

Physical Characteristics:

Gender: Male
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Waist: 32"
Body Type(s): Average
Portrayable Age: 35 years - 40 years
Portrayable Ethnicities: British,  Caucasian/White,  French,  German,  Irish
Disability Information:


Dirty Weekend Flight Attendant Dir. Neil LaBute
WelcomeMatt Matt Dir. Mukul Gadde
Giraffe Father Dir. Brendan Boyle
iMachiNation Seth Dir. Hiroki Wakamatsu
Lightbulb Man Lightbulb Man Dir. Marshall Leming
The Journey Home Michael Lawson Dir. Hali Pekron
Know Remorse Janitor/Detective Dir. Terence Shelly
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Cheryl's Neighbor #2 Dir. Ben Stiller
Ransacked Cameron Dir. Bethany Vigil
Oatmeal John Dir. Ayesha Schroff
Delivery Doorman Dir. Brennan McVicar
Strangling Susan Steve Dir. Patrick Smith
Howl Six Gallery Dir. Rob Epstein & Jeffrey Friedman
The Blue Moon Pull Henry Dir. Young B. Kiim
A Twitch in Time Mark Dir. Kevin Olmstead
Longmire (Ep. 504) Technician A&E/Netflix
Manhattan (Ep.204) Dr. Crippen WGN
The Kammler Code (pilot) Young Interviewer Independent
Vegas (pilot) Bellman #2 CBS
Can Openers (pilot) Orderly CBS
Rescue Me (Ep.503) Burn Victim FX Network
Dream House Mark Dir. Jacques Lamarre
Prison: A Love Story Phil Dir. Monica Contreras
Methods to Madness Chester Sunset Dir. Joel Murray
How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying Bud Frump Dir. Greg Taylor
The Rainmaker Starbuck Dir. Paul Gilbert
The Zoo Story Jerry Dir. Rand Kennedy
Sweet Charity Oscar Dir. Greg Taylor
Much Ado About Nothing Benedick Dir. Paul Gilbert
I Hate Hamlet Andrew Rally Dir. Paul Gilbert
Waiting for Godot Estragon Dir. Rand Kennedy
A Midsummer Night's Dream Francis Flute Dir. Hector Serrano
The Comedy of Errors Dromio of E Dir. Edward Hamilton
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Skills and Training:

Special Skills
Billiard Player, Bowler, Marksman (Rifles & Pistols), Photographer, Stage Combat
Other Skills
Precision Driver (Standard & Automatic), Stand-in
Professional Training/Education
BA Theatre Arts (Acting) - University of Texas at El Paso
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