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Physical Characteristics:

Gender: Female
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 105 lbs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Dress Size: 6
Pant Size: 6
Bust/Chest: 34"
Cup Size: C
Waist: 27"
Hips: 32"
Body Type(s): Thin
Portrayable Age: 28 years - 44 years
Portrayable Ethnicities: Australian,  British,  Caucasian/White,  European,  Irish,  Italian,  Scottish
Disability Information: Visually Impaired , Hashimoto's disease


Chemical 13 Kang's Mom Emmanuel Alvarado
Beauty (Ventura Film Fest selection) Wife (Lead) (NON UNION) Bao Quoc Pham
Skyla P.M. Helena (Lead) (Non-Union) Nicole Zwiren
A.B.S Beatrice Bloodworth (Lead/ Guest) Brighid Fleming/ Phish Tank Philms
It Casting Cheryl (Guest star) (Non-Union) Adrienne Zi
Laura Ann Tull Actor/ personal site
Stage 32
Examiner Reporter
Twitter Laura Ann Tull
Twitter Artistic Hope
Face book
Women Love Peace - Photos/ Art/ Film
Artistic HOPE
Actor Bio
    Actress, musician, poet, digital artist, film maker, photographer, voice over artist, journalist, crocheter, singer, yogi, scooter rider (125cc type) and vegan cook. I created the Blog idea of Artistic Hope the summer after I beat Breast Cancer. Kristi Funk & Lisa Cassileth were my doctors. I've also had to fight to walk twice, 1997 & 2008. I have a law degree but I'm not talented at fighting. I'm into holistic medicine and saving the planet. I'm told I'm an honest realistic actor. I like science fiction, thrillers, horror if not overly real (zombies, vampires), fantasy, BBC, PBS, Dr Who, Sherlock Holmes, Detective, stories with Strong Women, and expressions of tolerance and equality for all. I'm Not very Saturday Night Live. I can change my voice and you would not know it's me. No bungee jumping.

Skills and Training:

Special Skills
Actor, Archer, Billiard Player, Flute, Horseback Rider, Impersonator-Mimic, Motorcyclist, Percussionist, Photographer, Pianist, Sign Language, Speed Talker, Yoga
Spanish - Conversational , Basic Spanish, British, Georgia Southern, Texan Southern, Appalachian, Irish, Transylvanian, Cockney, etc. Some dialects are like a different language. I can do the accent only. Trained with Kathleen Dunn. Grew up in Maryland, born in Virginia.
Other Skills
NOT MOTORCYCLES- SCOOTERS but not listed. , Singer. Mezzo Soprano. Choir and private singing lessons in College & Graduate school, Classical piano, little flute and classical guitar. Have not played regularly. Bongo player., Law degree but I don't practice. California Bar Number #207690, Blogger/ poet/ journalist, Audacity/ Pro tools- basic sound editing, After Effects/ Premiere pro/ Final Cut. A little Tech smart., Photo shop/ Light room, Photographer- own Canon 20D, Texas Hold'em
Professional Training/Education
Terrin Adair-Lynch - Santa Monica College - Comedy Final created 10 characters
David Nathan Schwartz, SMC, Acting Scene Work, 2013.
SAG Foundation Voice over lab workshops in basics 2011-2013
SAG Foundations CAP 2011- 2013
AIA Studios - Participated in many free workshops. Member.
GoGo Acting Workshops
JB Casting VIP member. Started doing workshops here when they were in Burbank 2008
Network Studios 2009-2011 Casting Workshops
AFI SAG Conservatory from 2011- 2012
Actors Collaborative, July 2009 to February 2010
Kathleen Dunn, SMC, Advanced Voice/ Dialects 2009/2010
Crystal Robbins, SMC, Lesac Basic Voice Training 2009
David Melville, Shakespeare Verse, 2008
AADA Summer Certificate Program 2006.
Cyb Barnstable, Commercial Workshop- SMC, Private Studio Study Scene Work, Monologues, Improv
TVI Acting for the Camera - my teacher had me leave to study privately and he became a bully.
Ted Brunetti Studio One, Scene Study, Cold Reading 6 months
Elizabeth Long, Shakespeare Theater, Voice and Speech
Theater Improvisation, Gail Humphries, American U., Washington DC
Film & TV Acting, Christian Mendenhall, American University, Washington DC
M.A. Performing Arts Management, American University, Washington DC, Focus Casting, First Amendment
B.A. Theater Arts, McDaniel College, Alpha Psi Omega, Honors Theater & Economics, Phi Beta Kappa
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