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Julia Tulupova


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    Physical Characteristics:

    Gender: Female
    Height: 5' 9"
    Weight: 145 lbs.
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Green
    Dress Size: 6
    Pant Size: 6
    Bust/Chest: 34"
    Cup Size: D
    Waist: 28"
    Hips: 39"
    Body Type(s): Athletic
    Portrayable Age: 18 years - 30 years
    Portrayable Ethnicities: Australian,  British,  Caucasian/White,  Central American,  Dutch,  Eurasian,  European,  French,  German,  Greek,  Italian,  Polish,  Russian
    Disability Information:


    Thursday Illusion Olga Nada Al-Mojadedi
    Can You See Me Amanda Nada Al-Mojadedi
    Diamond Rachel Simone Loudd
    A Little Bit Of Crazy Anna Nada Al-Mojadedi
    The Second Chance Alexandria Du'ana Speights
    May Abby Be May Amber Hayden-Gardenhire
    KNUT Ukraine Evgeniy Sidchenko
    Just So Games Mary Boris Filonenko
    The Rules Of Stealing Nurse Evgeniy Nevsky
    The Man Who Came For Dinner Lorraine Sheldon Carl Reggiardo
    Once A Catholic Mary O'Grady Brian Barnhardt
    Months On End Heidi Mark Knowles
    Five Women Wearing The Same Dress Frances Judith Bohannon
    Romantic Comedy Phoebe Judith Bohannon
    Home Fires Nettie Debra Deliso
    Time Stands Still Sarah Diana Brown
    Loose Ends Susan Diana Brown
    Widows Juliette Anna Topchiy
    Tartuffe Elmira Andrey Ivanyuk
    The 13th Star Bright-eyed Yulia Maslak
    Late Love Ludmila Alexandr Getmansky
    The Marriage Agafya Tihonovna Anatoliy Petrov
    Feast During The Plague Matilda Natalia Mayorova
    The Tales Of The Old Mill Angel Natalia Mayorova
    Scarlet Sails Assolle Natalia Mayorova
    Professional wesite

    Skills and Training:

    Special Skills
    Actor, Baloonist, Billiard Player, Choreographer, Fencer, Free Style Dancer, Guitarist, Horseback Rider, Improv, Jazz Dancer, Mime, Modern Dancer, Photographer, Pianist, Stage Combat, Swimmer, Tap Dancer, Waltz Dancer, Yoga
    English - Fluent , Standard, general, british Ukrainian - Native Russian (Great Russian only) - Fluent
    Professional Training/Education
    The American Academy Of Dramatic Arts (2012-2013)
    Kiev National University of Theater, Film and TV (2008-2012) - Bachelor's Degree
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