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Jordan Lund


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    Available to work in the following additional location: New York
    Agency Contact Type Location

    Physical Characteristics:

    Gender: Male
    Height: 6' 1"
    Weight: 275 lbs.
    Hair: Bald
    Eyes: Blue
    Body Type(s): Large
    Portrayable Age: 50 years - 62 years
    Portrayable Ethnicities: Australian,  British,  Caucasian/White,  European,  German,  Irish,  Polish,  Romanian,  Russian,  Scandinavian,  Scottish
    Disability Information:


    The Bucket List Supporting Rob Reiner/WB
    Rumor Has It Supporting Rob Reiner/WB
    Alex and Emma Supporting Rob Reiner/Franchise
    Beautiful Supporting Sally Field/Destination Films
    The Visit Supporting Jordan Walker-Pearlman/Dawa Pictures
    More Dogs Than Bones Supporting Michael Browning/Dream Entertainment
    The Story of Us Supporting Rob Reiner/Castle Rock
    Crazy in Alabama Supporting Antonio Banderas/WB
    Life Supporting Ted Demme/Universal
    In Dark Places Supporting James Burke/Stonelock
    Ghosts of Mississippi Supporting Rob Reiner/Castle Rock
    Before and After Supporting Barbet Schroeder/Caravan
    The American President Supporting Rob Reiner/Castle Rock
    Goldilocks and the Three Bears Supporting Brent Loefke/Santa Monica Pictures
    Species Supporting Roger Donaldson/MGM
    Love is Like That Supporting Jill Goldman/Starlight
    Amos and Andrew Supporting E. Max Frye/Castle Rock
    Speed Supporting Jan deBont/Fox
    Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man Supporting Simon Wincer/MGM
    Doc Hollywood Supporting Michael Caton-Jones/WB
    The Rookie Supporting Clint Eastwood/WB
    The Adventures of Ford Fairlane Supporting Rennie Harlin/Fox
    Fletch Lives Supporting Michael Ritchie/Univesal
    Lockup Supporting John Flynn/TriStar
    Jacknife Supporting David Jones/Kings Road
    She's Back Supporting Tim Kincaid/Vestron
    Awake Guest Star Jeffrey Reiner/NBC
    Good Luck Charlie Guest Star Shelly Jensen/Disney
    Law and Order: Criminal Intent Guest Star Omar Madha/USA/NBC
    Without A Trace Guest Star Bobby Roth/CBS
    Nurses Guest Star PJ Hogan/Fox
    The Evidence Guest Star Gary Fleder/ABC
    Enterprise Guest Lead Roxann Dawson/UPN
    Frasier Co-Star Wil Shriner/NBC
    NYPD Blue Guest Star Mark Piznarski/ABC
    Firefly Co-Star Marita Grabiak/Fox
    Providence Guest Star Monica Wyatt/NBC
    Philly Guest Star Kevin Hooks/ABC
    ER Guest Star Jonathan Kaplan/NBC
    Days Of Our Lives Day Player NBC
    The Fugitive Guest Star Jeff Bleckner/ABC
    Seven Days Guest Star Kenneth Johnson/UPN
    The Practice Guest Star Martha Mitchell/ABC
    Mercy Point (7) Series Regular Michael Katelman/DJ Caruso/Lee Bonner/Joe Napolitano/UPN
    Prey (2) Recurring Guest Star Martha Mitchell/ABC
    413 Hope St. Co-Star Eric Laneuville/Fox
    C-16: FBI Guest Star Paul Shapiro/ABC
    Chicago Hope Guest Star Stephen Cragg/CBS
    Alien Nation: Dark Horizon (MOW) Supporting Kenneth Johnson/UPN
    Late Night with Conan O'Brien (8) Sketch Comedy Player Various/NBC
    All My Children Day Player Conal O'Brien/ABC
    Law and Order (2) Guest Star Ned Sherin/Lewis Gould/NBC
    L.A. Law Guest Star Randy Roberts/NBC
    General Hospital Day Player ABC
    The Stand (Mini-Series) Supporting Mick Garris/ABC
    Walker, Texas Ranger Guest Lead Tony Mordente/CBS
    Star Trek: DS9 Guest Star David Livingston/UPN
    Cruel Doubt (Mini-Series) Supporting Yves Simoneau/NBC
    Life Goes On (2) Recurring Guest Star Rick Rosenthal/ABC
    Cheers Guest Star John Ratzenberger/NBC
    Star Trek: TNG Guest Star David Carson/Paramount - Synd
    Cop Rock (2) Guest Star Charles Haid/ABC
    The Flash Guest Star Gus Trikonis/CBS
    Murphy Brown Guest Star Barnet Kellman/CBS
    Framed (MOW) Supporting Dean Parisot/HBO
    Hardball Guest Lead Rob Bowman/NBC
    Lonesome Dove (Mini-Series) Supporting Simon Wincer/CBS
    Another World Day Player Don Scardino/NBC
    The Trial of Bernhard Goetz (MOW) Supporting Harry Moses/PBS American Playhouse
    The Street Guest Star Robert E. Altman/Universal
    Julius Caesar Casca Jack Stehlin/New American/LA
    All's Well That Ends Well Rinaldo Daniel Sullivan/Delacorte/Public Theatre
    Measure For Measure Abhorson David Esbjornson/Delacorte/Public Theatre
    More Lies About Jerzy Rysiek David Trainer/Circus Theatricals/LA
    The Taming of the Shrew Baptista Jack Stehlin/Circus Theatricals/LA
    Macbeth Banquo/Old Siward Estelle Parsons/Belasco/NY Shakespeare Festival
    Romeo and Juliet Capulet Estelle Parsons/Belasco/NY Shakespeare Festival
    As You Like It Charles/Corin Estelle Parsons/Belasco/NY Shakespeare Festival
    King John Duke of Austria Stuart Vaughn/Delacorte/Public Theatre
    Twelfth Night Sea Captain Wilford Leach/Delacorte/Public Theatre
    The Golem Ensemble Richard Foreman/Delacorte/Public Theatre
    Sleep Gil Ted Lambert/LaMama/NY
    Tis Pity She's A Whore Richardetto Radu Pentiulescu/LaMama/NY
    I Saw the Seven Angels Ensemble Eric Bogosian/The Kitchen/NY
    Treasure Island Billy Bones BH Barry/Ohio Theatre/NY
    The Racket Sgt. Sullivan Michael Bloom/Soho Rep/NY
    Twelfth Night Sir Toby Belch Jack Stehlin/Circus Theatricals/LA
    The Adding Machine Lt. Charles Scott Smith/Circus Theatricals/LA
    Safe Carson Kappy Kilburn/Circus Theatricals/LA
    Man.Gov Mitch F. Steve Zuckerman/Circus Theatricals/LA-NY
    The Cradle Will Rock Dauber Daniel Henning/The Blank/LA
    Hello Again The Senator Daniel Henning/The Blank/LA
    Henry IV Part 1 Falstaff Alex Wright/Stages Theatre/LA
    Romeo and Juliet Sampson Sir Peter Hall/Ahmanson/LA
    Scapin Argante Bartlett Sher/Portland Stage Company
    My Antonia Otto/Vanni/Pytor Scott Schwartz/TheatreWorks/Palo Alto
    Marius Escartifigue Tom Ross/Aurora Theatre/Berkeley
    Scaramouche Danton/Strozier BH Barry/TheatreVirginia
    On The Waterfront Truck Josie Abady/Cleveland Playhouse
    What the Butler Saw Sgt. Match Michael Breault/Great Lakes Theatre Festival
    Henry Lumper Jack Silva Grey Cattel Johnson/Working Theatre/NY
    Jordan Lund Website
    Actor Bio
    Jordan Lund is a New York born character actor who has played many cops, bad guys and aliens on TV and in movies He's also appeared in over a hundred plays. He trained as an actor at Carnegie-Mellon University. He was a member of Estelle Parson's Public Theatre/New York Shakespeare Festival company that performed Romeo And Juliet, Macbeth, and As You Like It in rep on Broadway at the Belasco Theatre. Stage productions include: All's Well That Ends Well directed by Daniel Sullivan and Measure For Measure directed by David Esbjornson in rep at the Delacorte in Central Park for the Public Theatre. Other Delacorte/Public Theatre appearances include: Twelfth Night, King John and The Golem directed by Richard Foreman. He was in Sir Peter Hall's Los Angeles production of Romeo And Juliet at the Ahmanson Theatre.
    Recently Jordan played Falstaff in Henry IV Part 1 at Stages Theatre in Hollywood, Sir Toby Belch in Twelfth Night and Baptista in The Taming of the Shrew for Circus Theatricals in Los Angeles. Circus Theatricals, now The New American Theatre is Jordan's theatre home in Los Angeles, where he is an Associate Artist. In addition to acting and teaching for The New American Theatre, he teaches On-Camera acting classes for David Kagen's School of Film Acting in Los Angeles.

    Skills and Training:

    Special Skills
    Bartender, Billiard Player, Bowler, Chef, Dealer (Casino), Fencer, Golfer, Guitarist, Stage Combat, Sword Fighter, Tall Men (6'2" & up)
    English - Native , Southern, Texas, Scottish, Austrailian, New York, Irish, Cockney, British, Russian, German, French, Boston,
    Other Skills
    Professional poker dealer and player
    Professional Training/Education
    Carnegie-Mellon University
    Stage Combat - B.H. Barry
    Film Acting - David Kagen
    Singing - Adrienne Angel
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