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Available to work in the following additional locations: Georgia, Nevada
Agency Contact Type Location

Physical Characteristics:

Gender: Male
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 195 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Body Type(s): Athletic,  Muscular
Portrayable Age: 30 years - 40 years
Portrayable Ethnicities: African,  African American,  British,  Dominican,  Haitian,  Jamaican
Disability Information:


Urban Ninjas Starring Feature film, Vince Bowman
Cybornetics Starring Feature film, Dwayne Buckle
The Trick Room Starring Short film, Rodney Rosene
Jerry Reimagined Starring Short film, Jaime Walker
The Awkward Ginger Co Star Short film, Shu Tineda
Detective and The Journalist: A Hip Hop Musical Starring Short film, Chrisopher West
The Reductionists Starring Short film, Diego Medina
The Diploma Starring Short film, John M. Reefer
The Elysian Co Star Short film, Robert Palmer
A Family Torn Co Star Short film, Harry West III
False Impulse Co Star Short Film, Jae Michaels
Bebe Supporting Short Film, Ryan Zaragoza
Where did you go Supporting Short film, Princess Usanga
Brother's McMullen Barry Peter Matalliano, NYCDA
Founding Fathers Cicero, Mason, Patterson William Tucker, New York Historical Society
33 Variations Mike Melinda O'Brien, Fort Hill Players
Harlem B-Ball Classic Host Public Access
Actor Bio
In a paragraph: Diao is fresh. Coming from a perspective based on natural ability completed with training by the best in the business, Diao brings to life the smallest detailsof characters we have grown to love and some that we need to get to know. Maybe its the mix of urban higher education with multi-racial influences that give Diao his swagger. Maybe its his athleticism and involvement in some of today's most pressing issues. Needless to say, with Diao you are getting the ABC's - Accountability, brotherly love, and captivation. Dynamics is a given. When considering a biography, one usually tries to reach back to timeline thelife-shaping experiences and milestones that wouldimpress the reader. For Diao, to sum it all up - Life is what you make it. To be strong, make strong choices.

Skills and Training:

Spanish - Conversational , British Accent, Jamaican Accent, New York Accent, Southern Accent, West Indian Accent
Other Skills
Motorcycle - Street bike, Fraternity Stepping, Handball, Rugby Player
Professional Training/Education
NY Conservatory for Dramatic Arts
Upright Citizens Brigade, core improv
Shakespeare movement and technique
The Acting Center LA
Vocal Technique: Broadway Training Center
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