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Agency Contact Type Location
iTalent group 877-573-7719 Agency-TV & TH Verbal Los Angeles
iTalent group 877-573-7719 TV & TH Los Angeles

Physical Characteristics:

Gender: Female
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 100 lbs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Dress Size: 0
Pant Size: 0
Bust/Chest: 34"
Cup Size: D
Waist: 23"
Hips: 33"
Body Type(s): Athletic,  Petite,  Slim,  Thin
Portrayable Age: 16 years - 25 years
Portrayable Ethnicities: Albanian,  Arabian,  Armenian,  Caucasian/White,  Central American,  Cuban,  European,  French,  Greek,  Iranian,  Israeli,  Italian,  Latino/Hispanic,  Lebanese,  Mexican,  Middle Eastern,  Native American Indian,  Polish,  Portugese,  Puerto Rican,  Romanian,  Russian,  South American,  Spanish,  Turkish
Disability Information:


she wants me kelly Rob Margolies - different duck films
epic mike Alegra la habana films
dawn of aquarius Aquarius(lead) umania digital studios
chics with chainsaw Sabrina matter splatter prod
a not so pleasant surprise Amy(lead) john rocco & bruhn
fomo cara sera tabb
il veleno (the poison) the lady of the poison (lead) sonicdreamstudio (Luca Tossani)
katanarama helena (lead) gnow prod
dance lisa (lead) valerio benedini
fangirls Britney (lead) Hunter blanco
the right one paris (lead) fabio Mogavero
follow the white rabbit marissa (co -lead) Beks Nice
che bella giornata(what a wonderfull day!) Laura medusa film\taodue film
I soliti idioti brazilian dancer taodue film
the postal wife of carlos klubalturn prod
caught on camera lead girl nyfa
the date lead girl nyfa
top flight security Detective Storm perdell prod
jeopardy program Maria gnow prod with lapd and lamborghini club
faccialibro elena italia 1 , microsoft
el corrido del ceviche mermaid mun2 NBC
I soliti idioti marica MTV italy
in the shoot self model bigztv
12 corazones Leo TELEMUNDO
Chat-arro La Donna(star) ITALIA 2 , 2much tv
A loss of Roses Lila Cathleen Leslie
vanities Mary Cathleen Leslie
the wit Susie claude deering
rabbit hole becca claude deering
theatre of oppressed varese city company member \ actor for two years Carla Volpato
una storia strana tra romani e altri strambi Cleopatra Marco Rossi
commedia dell'arte colombina Marco Rossi
RHK MAGAZINE cover model rhk magazine
a-tube cartoon film festival host a-tube
AURORAFIT face of the company aurorafit
DORITOS action star la habana film
skin care girl anthony hopman casting
ALWAYS runner indirizzo cinema casting
Actor Bio
Based in Los Angeles,Born and raised in ITALY in a little town called Laveno on beautiful lake Maggiore. Her mother and the family are Italian with a lineage dating back 1600 and her father is from El Salvador .
Started to be passionate about acting since a little kid. started with theatre in varese city . Aftering acting in italian sitcoms and feature films, Aurora moved to Los angeles to study the Strasberg acting method and working as a SAG actress.

Skills and Training:

Special Skills
Actor, Archer, Belly Dancer, Chef, Fencer, Flamenco Dancer, Flute, Horseback Rider, Kick Boxer, Latin Dancer, Model, Physical Fitness Expert, Salsa Dancer, Skier-Snow, Stage Combat, Stripteaser, Swimmer, Sword Fighter, Yoga
English - Fluent , french , italian , russian , german accent Italian - Native , lombardy, emilia romagna, sicilian , Napoli , Rome accent Spanish - Conversational
Professional Training/Education
Strasberg method , Meisner, theatre of oppressed, commedia dell'arte
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