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Fredo Rock


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      Physical Characteristics:

      Gender: Male
      Height: 6' 0"
      Weight: 145 lbs.
      Hair: Brown
      Eyes: Brown
      Pant Size: 28 or more
      Waist: 34"
      Body Type(s): Athletic
      Portrayable Age: 23 years - 35 years
      Portrayable Ethnicities: Albanian,  Arabian,  Armenian,  Australian,  British,  Caucasian/White,  Central American,  Cuban,  Dominican,  European,  French,  German,  Greek,  Iranian,  Irish,  Israeli,  Italian,  Latino/Hispanic,  Mexican,  Middle Eastern,  Native American Indian,  Other Ethnicity,  Pakistani,  Portugese,  Puerto Rican,  Romanian,  Russian,  Scottish,  South American,  Spanish
      Disability Information:


      Cold Case Photo Double: Daniel Pino CBS Paramount: Erin Mitchell
      Without A Trace Photo Double: Enrique Murciano CBS Paramount: Athena Alexander & Hank Steinberg
      Swingtown Stand-in: Grant Show & Photo Double: Michael Rady CBS Paramount: James L. Thompson III
      Dexter Stand-in: David Zayas Clyde Phillips Productions: Tony Goldwyn/Marcos Siega
      24 F.B.I. Agent Jennings: Featured 20th Century Fox: Milan Cheylov
      24 Photo Double: Daniel Arrias 20th Century Fox: Milan Cheylov
      Crossing Over I.C.E. Agent: Featured C.O. Films/Wayne Kramer
      Lions For Lambs U.S. Army Soldier: Featured Ridge Productions Inc./Robert Redford
      Live Free or Die Hard F.B.I. HRT/SWAT: Featured 20th Century Fox/Len Wiseman
      Fredo Rock
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      Actor Bio
      I am a native of Puerto Rico,and I was raised in my youth in New Jersey.I was a high school wrestler that was fond of writing poetry,and was published in the International Library of Poetry.Soon after high school I entered the U.S. Navy and my expertise was communications.I spent four months in the Persian Gulf.
      Shortly after being discharged I headed to Los Angeles to pursue a career as an Actor.I started classes and some coaching and I am really starting to grow in my craft.I got a break on the television show '24' as a FBI Agent working along side Regina King.I've worked on many shows,from Ugly Betty to Grey's Anatomy and movies like IronMan,Crossing Over and Live Free or Die Hard.It's been a wonderfully exciting time and I am looking forward to all my future experiences in the film and television industry.

      Skills and Training:

      Special Skills
      Actor, Archer, Auto Mechanic, Baseball Player, Basketball Player, Billiard Player, Bowler, Carpenter, Drummer, Firefighter, Free Style Dancer, Heavy Equipment Operator, High Falls 10' to 50', Improv, Latin Dancer, Marksman (Rifles & Pistols), Martial Arts Specialist, Medical Personnel, Mountain Biker, Percussionist, Sailer & Boater, Salsa Dancer, Stage Combat, Swimmer, Sword Fighter, Track & Field Athlete, Volleyball Player, Wrestler, Yoga
      English - Fluent , Southern Accent, New York Accent Spanish - Fluent , Latino/Hispanic
      Other Skills
      Videography, Krav Maga, International Library of Poetry 2007 Editor's Choice Award., (Conscious Free Verse)Writing,Qualified to handle classified materials. Bodyboarding.
      Professional Training/Education
      Bruce Glover's Inner & Outer Technique
      U.S. Navy, Cold Reading Techniques, Commercial Techniques, Improvisation workshop, Sag Conservatory
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