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SNOW DAY: The New York office of Screen Actors Guild is closed, Friday, February 26

Due to inclement weather, the New York Office of Screen Actors Guild will be closed on Friday, Feb. 26, 2010. Weather permitting, the office will reopen Monday, March 1.

SAG Improves Web Presence, Upgrades SAG TV and Adds New Online Producers’ Center

Our website has improved once again. More content-packed and user-friendly, the recent upgrades to help you get what you need immediately, while keeping pace with the technology that the world uses to communicate.

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Ride Career Waves with LifeRaft’s Live Stream

World to actors: sink or swim. But is there a third option?

Yes, you can float! Ride the tumultuous tides of a burgeoning acting career, buoyed by the advice provided by the LifeRaft Live Stream program’s “business of acting” seminars.

The informative discussions are brought to you by the SAG Foundation in association with Screen Actors Guild.

Schultz to Chair New Performance Capture Committee

Woody Schultz has been named national chair of Screen Actors Guild’s new National Performance Capture Committee.

Schultz has extensive experience in performance capture, with the films Avatar, Beowulf and The Polar Express among his credits. He and the rest of the experienced committee, which is still being constituted, will work to raise awareness about this increasingly important acting work.

Why Call It ‘Performance Capture’?

Historically, the more popular industry terms have been “motion capture” or “mo-cap.” So why does SAG call the work “performance capture”?


These days, technology is able to record every little nuance of an actor’s performance. Regardless, the debate continues over how deserving the work is when it comes to accolades – as evidenced by this recent Los Angeles Times article, “Avatar’s animated acting.”


Help for Haiti x2

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With the Winter Olympics and other news now garnering much of the world’s attention, it’s important to remember that the people of Haiti have a long road ahead before they will fully recover from the January 12 earthquake.