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Nelson Offers Outreach to Hispanic Advertising ‘Godmothers’

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Houston Branch President and National Spanish Language Media Task Force member Robert Carlos Nelson was on hand in San Antonio, Texas on February 4 to honor “Las Madrinas” (The Godmothers) - The Visionary Women of Hispanic Advertising” at a luncheon presented by SAVisión, the Hispanic marketing arm of the American Marketing Association.

Howard Encourages Labor Leaders to Rally Against Piracy

Orlando (March 2, 2010) – SAG National President and AFL-CIO Executive Council member Ken Howard delivered a statement in support of the AFL-CIO's resolution on piracy today at the AFL-CIO Winter Meeting. Following a passionate speech by IATSE President Matthew Loeb and joined by AFTRA President Roberta Reardon, Howard spoke to the assembled labor leaders about the threat posed by illegal downloads, pirated CDs and DVDs and other modes of entertainment product copyright theft.


Here’s what President Howard had to say:

Tuesday's LifeRaft Live Stream Examines the Art of the Indie Film Deal

SAG and the SAG Foundation present another great LifeRaft Live Stream event on Tuesday, March 2, 6 -8 p.m. (PT). This panel will examine the art of the independent film deal and will be followed by a live Q&A session. No matter where you live in the country, you'll be able to participate as this event is streamed online, and don't forget, it's FREE.

AFTRA National Board Approves Joint Bargaining with SAG on Primetime Television

AFTRA released the following press release on Feb. 27, 2010

SAG TV Premieres Member-to-Member Video Series: SAG On Your Side

You could say SAG is like that favorite “murse” you first started carrying around with you to auditions and now find you can’t live without. We hang by your side.
Our latest videos on SAG TV demonstrate our commitment to helping your career. Not surprisingly, we call them SAG on Your Side.

SNOW DAY: The New York office of Screen Actors Guild is closed, Friday, February 26

Due to inclement weather, the New York Office of Screen Actors Guild will be closed on Friday, Feb. 26, 2010. Weather permitting, the office will reopen Monday, March 1.

SAG Improves Web Presence, Upgrades SAG TV and Adds New Online Producers’ Center

Our website has improved once again. More content-packed and user-friendly, the recent upgrades to help you get what you need immediately, while keeping pace with the technology that the world uses to communicate.

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Ride Career Waves with LifeRaft’s Live Stream

World to actors: sink or swim. But is there a third option?

Yes, you can float! Ride the tumultuous tides of a burgeoning acting career, buoyed by the advice provided by the LifeRaft Live Stream program’s “business of acting” seminars.

The informative discussions are brought to you by the SAG Foundation in association with Screen Actors Guild.