Honoring Our Veterans

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Honoring Our Veterans

Dear Member,

Originally known as Armistice Day to commemorate the cessation of hostilities in World War I, Veterans Day has been a poignant annual reminder of the devotion of America’s service members. Because they were willing to go to war, most of us are able to enjoy the fruits of their labors: peace.

And let’s also take a moment to remember our active duty and reserve service members. America’s fighting men and women are all volunteers who have willingly put themselves in harm’s way to protect their countrymen. We need to let them know that we appreciate all that they do; they face the loss of life and limb, long deployments in foreign lands, holidays and weekends far from loved ones, and missing of critical moments like the birth of a child or loss of a parent. Especially in this day and age, when members of the military are deployed far from home and we rarely hear about the thousands of daily sacrifices they make, both big and small, they need our gratitude.

One way you can say thank you is to join me in donating to the USO. This year, SAG-AFTRA is once again partnering with the USO to help make life a little easier for those who have chosen a life of service to their nation. Even a modest contribution can provide a service member with a respite in the form of a call to a loved one or the comforts of home.

Please visit uso.org/sagaftra to find out more and to help make the holidays a little brighter for America’s troops.

In unity,

Ken Howard
SAG-AFTRA President