Hollywood MOVE and SAG New Media get Technical with Jigsaw Global Media

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Hollywood MOVE and SAG New Media get Technical with Jigsaw Global Media

On Tuesday, August 3, Hollywood MOVE in cooperation with SAG New Media presented Jigsaw Global’s Introduction to Digital Media Production.


Jigsaw Global introduces new media, film and TV professionals to digital media best practices, tools, and contacts. The Los Angeles-based company has two goals: teach individuals to use digital media effectively and apply those teachings to real-world projects.
Members in attendance were introduced to standard production basics used to create digital content such as websites and apps and learned how digital media production differs from more traditional production such as film or TV production. Attendees also learned how to build a digital production team and gained an understanding of the different roles and responsibilities of those on the team.
In addition to learning who does what on a digital production team, attendees were also introduced to standard digital production process from creative conception and design to development and launch.
Whether you’re marketing yourself as a performer or marketing your new media or low budget production, having an online component of your marketing plan has never been more important. Hollywood MOVE and SAG New Media are committed to providing SAG members with all of the tools necessary to build a successful career and will be offering this class again in the near future.
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