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The Official E-Newsletter of the Hollywood Division
The Official E-Newsletter of the Hollywood Division
October 2010

amj new


This is my last letter as SAG’s 1st vice president. For some, the end of my term as chairwoman of the largest and most prolific division of Screen Actors Guild will be a joyous day. Hopefully there will be others who won’t feel the same. Regardless, my four terms as SAG’s first vice president have been filled with some of the most challenging and rewarding experiences in my professional life.

I’ve been fortunate to represent this once great union in Sacramento and in the hallowed halls of America’s House and Senate chambers. I and other SAG elected have marched, protested, sung, cried, compromised and championed worthy causes with some of the most dynamic and legendary civil servants/leaders in this country. All on behalf of unions and unionism.

The era of the union is fading. In the last 27 years, the union membership rate in this country has plummeted to less than 13 percent. There is now a generation of adults who’ve grown up in homes where neither parent was a member of a union. The anti-union movement, whether it be from our own employers or the Republican Party, has successfully weakened not only the power of unions, but the pride and determination that were once natural byproducts of calling oneself a “union member.” Am I the only one who used to tear up with pride when the old “Look for the Union Label” commercial aired on television? Those days are long gone.

I’m fortunate to have had the privilege of serving as SAG’s 1st Vice President when I did. During a time when the sovereignty of the Screen Actors Guild was intact and thriving. I remember during the 2008 negotiations, the SAG Foundation was kind enough to allow the SAG negotiating team, along with staff, to view installments of the Screen Actors Guild documentary. There we were, sitting in a dreary holding pen at the AMPTP, watching a very moving and inspiring film. While watching, I was reminded of the sacrifices made by others to allow me to safely make a decent middle-class living as an actor, with the ability to qualify for health insurance and secure a pension for my retirement. That’s why most of us were there in that room for more than 46 days. We were there working hard to try to protect and build on the legacy left by Cagney, Morgan, Robinson, Pidgeon and others.

I wish you all good health and peace. And I bid a warm and loving farewell to the fading legacy of Screen Actors Guild.

Anne-Marie Johnson
SAG 1st Vice President

gloria stuart 2010


Screen Actors Guild deeply mourns the passing of founding member Gloria Stuart, whose contributions to her union, the film industry and world of fine art were a legacy second only to the humanity by which she lived.

Stuart, who won a Screen Actors Guild Award for her role as Old Rose in Titanic, a performance which also garnered Oscar and Golden Globe nominations, turned 100 on July 4 of this year.

She died Sunday at her home in Los Angeles.

“Not everyone receives the recognition they fully deserve in their lifetime, but the Guild was among those fortunate to know what we had before she was gone,” said Screen Actors Guild National President Ken Howard. “Gloria was an exceptional personality in every aspect, a delightful human being, and we take this loss as hard as we would that of any close family member, which she was. In every way, she exemplified the professional artist. She was a lover of life and a fighter.”

Screen Actors Guild National Executive Director David White also reflected on the loss.

“She was an active member when the Guild negotiated our very first contract with producers, she loyally served on our National Board during some of the Guild’s most formative years, and she was a star, including in of one of the biggest films of all time,” White said. “She was beloved by us all and is a lesson in perseverance.”

Stuart was among the first actors to join the Guild in 1933, becoming member No. 873, and subsequently served for several years on the National Board. She was the sole surviving board member from the 1930s.

In addition to her Titanic honors, Stuart was the recipient of numerous career-spanning accolades prior to her death, including special acknowledgments coming from the Screen Actors Guild National Board of Directors (by resolution and special honor) and the Hollywood Division Board of Directors (with the Ralph Morgan Award).

The National Board had this to say in its resolution: “In recognition of Gloria Stuart’s extraordinary contributions to the founding and early governance of Screen Actors Guild; in honor of her lifelong commitment to the union through continuous membership for more than 70 years; in tribute to her joyous spirit and artist’s soul; and in gratitude for her service to the Guild and to actors, the National Board of Directors of Screen Actors Guild directs that Guild staff immediately commission and deliver a special honor to Ms. Stuart.”

The honor was bestowed August 11, with Guild members and staff delivering that gift: a framed proclamation letter from President Howard and a green malachite “biseki” (meaning “beautiful stone”) from Zaire, with a diaza base carved by artist Cliff Johnson. 

In June, the SAG Hollywood Division honored Stuart with its highest honor, the Ralph Morgan Award, marking the first and final time this honor would be bestowed upon a member who served on the board with Ralph Morgan, the Guild’s first president.

In July, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences saluted Stuart with a Centennial Celebration, marking the first time one of its members was honored and still living at 100 years of age.

She was on hand to accept both honors in person.

Stuart is best known for her performances in The Invisible Man, Poor Little Rich Girl, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm and Titanic.

She began her service as a board member in 1937. She was appointed as one of six to work out a coordinating program with the Junior Council (representing background talent) and was re-elected to a three-year term on the board.

Stuart was issued a Screen Actors Guild Life Membership in 1976. Her honorary card even made the cover of the Guild’s 75th anniversary Screen Actor magazine in Winter 2008.

She was also known for her career as a fine artist, which replaced acting during a span in which she was inactive in the film industry, although still a proud Screen Actors Guild cardholder.

ken orsatti


Screen Actors Guild mourns the loss of former SAG National Executive Director Ken Orsatti, who passed away August 31 of pulmonary disease at West Hills Hospital in West Hills, Calif. He was 78. Orsatti served as national executive director from 1981 through the beginning of 2001, and was also a former Hollywood executive director. During his tenure as NED, Orsatti also served as the Guild’s chief negotiator, a period that saw dramatic expansion of the union’s contracts and record setting earnings for its members. He was a SAG employee since 1961.

Orsatti served as a trustee of the SAG-Producers Pension & Health Plans for more than 35 years, and proudly served as a vice president of the International Federation of Actors (FIA). He successfully led a campaign to organize the advertising industry in the Guild’s Branches and helped negotiate numerous local and regional contracts that created work opportunities for thousands of members.

He helped found the Screen Actors Guild Foundation and served on its board while he worked at SAG and after his retirement. He served on the Industry Advancement and Cooperative Fund (IACF) and as an officer of the California AFL-CIO.

“Ken served this union with loyalty and devotion for nearly 40 years and touched many people in the entertainment industry labor scene,” said SAG President Ken Howard. “He will long be remembered for wholeheartedly working to protect the rights of our members.”

Click here to view the complete story on SAG.org.


On September 20, Screen Actors Guild, American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, Directors Guild of America, and International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crafts of the United States, Its Territories and Canada (IATSE) released the following statement:

“As the Guilds and Unions representing more than 300,000 workers in the entertainment and media industries, we are sincerely appreciative of the “Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act” introduced today by Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT), Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and co-sponsored by Senators Evan Bayh (D-IN), Richard Durbin (D-IL), Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Orrin Hatch (R-UT), Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), Herb Kohl (D-WI), Charles Schumer (D-NY), Arlen Specter (D-PA), George Voinovich (R-OH), and Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI).

“This legislation will make it easier to shut down 'rogue' websites, which are dedicated to stealing the films, television programs and music created by our members. The largely foreign profiteers who operate these sites rob our members of the ability to make a living from their creativity and labor, prevent funds from reaching their pension and health plans, and endanger their ability to work now and in the future. These profiteers also hurt the American economy and ultimately the American consumer because Internet theft, if left unchecked, imperils the ability of content creators and financiers to continue making the content that people love to watch.  Rogue sites look legitimate, but make no mistake – these sites are illegal and they are trafficking in illegally-obtained content, with only one goal in mind – making money from films, television programs, and recordings that they had no role at all in creating or financing. The proposed legislation makes it clear that this kind of profiteering is both illegal and unacceptable.

“We thank Chairman Leahy for his recognition of the stake Guild and Union members have in this situation and we look forward to working with him on this legislation as it moves through Congress.”



Ernest Borgnine, who is exuberantly entering his seventh decade of creating memorable characters and award-winning performances, will receive Screen Actors Guild’s most prestigious accolade, the Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award for career achievement and humanitarian accomplishment. A former National Board member, Borgnine, has performed in more than 200 motion pictures, five television series and dozens of television films and guest appearances. He will be presented the award, given annually to an actor who fosters the “finest ideals of the acting profession,” at the 17th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards®, which premieres live on TNT and TBS on Sunday, Jan. 30, 2011, at 8 p.m. ET/PT, 7 p.m. CT, 6 p.m. MT.

In making the announcement August 18, Screen Actors Guild President Ken Howard said, “Whether portraying brutish villains, sympathetic everymen, complex leaders or hapless heroes, Ernest Borgnine has brought a boundless energy which, at 93, is still a hallmark of his remarkably busy life and career. It is with that same joyous spirit that we salute his impressive body of work and his steadfast generosity.”

For more about the honoree, click here.


Negotiations Begin with AMPTP

Negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers began September 27 at AMPTP headquarters in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

The Joint National Board of Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists met September 12 by videoconference plenary in Los Angeles and New York and approved a package of proposals for these joint AFTRA Exhibit A and SAG TV/Theatrical negotiations.
SAG President Ken Howard and AFTRA National President Roberta Reardon are co-chairing the negotiations. SAG National Executive Director David White and AFTRA National Executive Director Kim Roberts Hedgpeth will serve as the unions’ co-lead negotiators.

Check SAG.org during the coming weeks for the latest updates and information. 

New and Returning Leaders Elected 

Screen Actors Guild announced on September 23 elections results for the Guild’s National Board of Directors. Twenty-seven of the 69 National Board seats were open for election this year, representing Screen Actors Guild’s Hollywood, New York and Regional Branch Divisions. The newly elected National Board members assumed office on September 25. SAG’s Hollywood Division elected thirteen new National Board members; the New York Division elected five members; and nine National Board members were elected from the union’s Branches in Arizona, Chicago, Florida, Georgia, Houston, New Mexico, San Francisco, Seattle and Utah.

For the complete story, including National Board members elected, click here

For 2010 SAG Hollywood Division election results, click here.

Committee Service Reminder
Every year, Screen Actors Guild re-constitutes its national committees. These committees are an excellent way to serve your fellow Guild members and to help shape Guild policies. In an effort to get as many members involved as possible, SAG staff has created the Committee Service Request Form, available here, that lists the various committees and task forces and provides an opportunity for you to share your areas of expertise. 

Committee service can require various levels of commitment. Some committees meet monthly, while some only meet a few times per year. All committee meetings are held via teleconference between members in Hollywood, New York and the Regional Branches. Committees also receive guidance and support from staff liaisons, who provide handouts, agendas, and information for the committees and also communicate between the committees and national staff. 

Please fill out and return the form by September 30 so that your voice can be heard and so that our Division is fully represented. It is our Guild, and our involvement is the best way to make it serve us better.

Join the One Nation March

Screen Actors Guild is proud to support the One Nation Working Together March in Washington D.C., and in cities across the country, this Saturday, October 2.

We represent the most diverse membership of any labor union on earth. We have members who are months-old, others in their nineties and every age in between. We are conservatives, moderates, progressives and liberals, non-believers and people of every faith, members of every ethnic group and national heritage, gender identity, sexual orientation, and physical ability. In short, we are a microcosm of the rich diversity of the United States and the U.S. Labor Movement.

So we are uniting with our brothers and sisters on Saturday to highlight a number of urgent issues that must be achieved in order for everyone in America to have a just and fair chance to achieve the American Dream.

SAG members will march with other workers of the AFL-CIO unions to advance human rights, civil rights, equal protection, and dignity for all; to ensure every worker has a voice at work and a safe work environment, so no worker will have to choose between his livelihood and his life; to ensure women are treated fairly at work and to expand health care coverage for millions of Americans.

Our national identity is rooted in the ideal that all people — regardless of race, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or ability — should have the opportunity to fulfill their potential and contribute to an economy that works for everyone.

Please join us in supporting One Nation Working Together. Click here for ways to get involved in your area. And on Saturday, tweet your experience as it happens on Twitter using the hash tag #onenation and #SAGmember.

 tom la bonge  

Los Angeles City Council Member Tom La Bonge at 6th Annual SAG Labor Day Picnic 

Labor Day Picnic Draws 500-Plus Crowd

The Hollywood Holiday Host Committee delivered another crowd-pleasing Labor Day Weekend picnic on September 4 at the Hollywood Bowl.

More than 500 Guild members and their guests joined to celebrate workers’ rights while enjoying a sunny Saturday out at the Camrose Picnic Area. As usual, it was a time to display union pride and for old friends to catch up, and for some to make new friends. National Executive Director David White and Los Angeles City Council Member Tom La Bonge joined Guild committee members and rank and file in saluting working actors.     

clown on stilts
A little clowning around was part of the family entertainment.

“Honest Abe” Lincoln even made an appearance, but he was edged out in physical stature (if not political stature) by a clown and cowboy on stilts. Every year, SAG members volunteer their talents to keep the picnic entertaining. This year's volunteers and entertainers were: Rob Amjarv, Joseph Armilas, Antheas Aorlando, Dorian Bach, Joanna Bergman, Jennifer Biliman, Jerry Blair, Roberts Broski, Rick Dello, Harvey Fisher, Madeline Fuhrman, Larry Gee, Margaret Helmer, Paul LeClair, Todd McClain, Vernon McGhee, Regina Nemni, Amy Stinstrom and Tony TV.  

committee group shot
Front row, from left: Warren Berlinger, Hank Garrett, Juanita Kotten, Evelyn Stokes, Jackie Goldberg, Joan Del Mar, De Wayne Williams (kneeling) Mobin Khan; Back row: Tim Pfeiffer, James St. James, Mazzetta McClairinville, Sy Richardson and Asmar Muhammad. Members of the committee not pictured: Cupid Hayes, L. Scott Caldwell, Frank Corso, Nancy Daly, Raissa Danilova, Annie Gabriel and Heather Watson. 

Adding to the fun, a number of items donated by a variety of businesses in the area were raffled. Sponsors were Abtey's Limo Service, AFTRA-SAG Credit Union, Albatros Recording Studios, Ameoba Records, Bizonkers and Associates, Bodega Wine Bar, BoHo Gastro Pub, Buenaventura Golf Course, Capital City Sports Bar, Hair Free Forever, iActor, Nature's Health Food Café, Olivas Links Golf Course, Philippe Chinese Restaurant, Prominence Collection, Rock Me Makeup, SAGindie, Samuel French, Solar De Cahuenga, Tender Greens, thesagshop.com, The Bagel Broker, The Comedy Store, TIFA Chocolates, Truffle Hounds Chocolates, Ventura Harbor Comedy Club and Wellness Navigator. 

Special thanks to all who contributed, and especially to the Hollywood Holiday Host Committee for putting on a wonderful Labor Day picnic.

October is SAG Diversity Awareness Month

For the second year, Screen Actors Guild will celebrate Diversity Awareness Month during October with a slate of programs and activities highlighting the value of diversity and equal employment of diverse actors in film, television and other recorded media.

From a diversity career conference at SAG headquarters to the Guild’s Dare to Be Diverse screening series, an inclusive and abundant lineup awaits. (See the complete calendar here, as well as reminders for Hollywood events in the "Mark Your Calendar" section below.)

“I’m proud to welcome back Diversity Awareness Month,” said SAG National President Ken Howard. “This month represents a sampling of the ongoing diversity events programmed throughout the year by SAG where we embrace our differences and celebrate the common ground we share as actors.”

The Guild has, since its inception, been an advocate for diversity and equal employment in the workplace and entertainment industry. In addition to protecting all members against discrimination and harassment, SAG Affirmative Action & Diversity works closely with members who are LGBT, performers of color, performers with disabilities, senior performers and women to increase employment opportunities for these underemployed and underrepresented groups.

“SAG has chosen October to highlight our everyday advocacy and diversity initiatives,” said Rebecca Yee, national director of the SAG Affirmative Action & Diversity. “But it is a 24/7, year-round effort to shift our media landscape toward desiring and developing more accurate and diverse portrayals of the American Scene in film and television.” 

SAG Diversity "Get Your ACT Together” 
Careers in Focus Conference

What: The SAG Diversity “Get Your ACT Together” Careers in Focus Conference is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for actors and entertainment industry professionals to network and learn from each other under one roof. Sponsored by SAG Affirmative Action & Diversity, in conjunction with SAG National Spanish Language Media Task Force and SAG President’s National Task Force for American Indians, this day-long career fair will feature multiple career and talent development workshops and seminars presented by SAG Affirmative Action & Diversity, Back Stage, Casting Society of America, iActor, SAG New Media and more! Click here for a tentative schedule. More details to come.
When: Saturday, October 16, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
Where: Screen Actors Guild Headquarters
5757 Wilshire Blvd., 1st Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Cost: Free
RSVP: No RSVP is necessary, but you must be a paid-up SAG member in good standing and admission is NOT guaranteed, and will be limited by building and fire codes and safety standards. Parents/guardians of younger performers under 18 years old are welcome to attend. PLEASE BRING YOUR SAG MEMBERSHIP CARD FOR ADMITTANCE (paid thru October 31, 2010).

All bags larger than 14 inches in any dimension (i.e., backpacks, suitcases, beach bags, etc.) will be prohibited from entry. No pets or animals, with the exception of service animals in service.

Questions?  Contact SAG Affirmative Action & Diversity at diversity@sag.org or (323) 549-6644.

Speed Casting Now Open for Submissions

What: By submission and selection only, Casting Society of America’s Speed Casting Seminars will be held at SAG Diversity "Get Your ACT Together" Careers in Focus Conference on October 16. Meet film and television casting directors in one-on-one five minute “speed casting” meetings. Ask for audition advice, get feedback on your headshot and resume, ask anything you’ve ever wanted to know about what goes on "behind the scenes." Selected participants will be notified with exact location and time.
When: Saturday, October 16
Where: Screen Actors Guild
5757 Wilshire Blvd., 1st Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Speed Casting Registration Instructions:
You must have an iActor profile to participate. Registered participants will be randomly selected for limited seats. Your registration does not guarantee participation. You will be notified if selected. Submissions are ONLY accepted via e-mail at RSVPdiversity@sag.org. Please include a link (web address) to your iActor profile in the body of e-mail and “CSA Speed Casting” in the subject header.

Other rules and requirements: 
• You must submit no later than 5 p.m. on Friday, October 1, 2010 (PST).
• Submissions after the deadline will NOT be accepted and considered.
• Participants will be notified the week of October 4, 2010, with further instructions.

If you do not have an iActor profile, please register and create one here. Please be sure to review the iActor Quickstart Guide on the webpage for more details. For more assistance with iActor, please contact iActor staff at (323) 549-6451.

Questions? Contact SAG Affirmative Action & Diversity at diversity@sag.org or (323) 549-6644.

labor rally

Union members unite in downtown Los Angeles.

Rally Supports Job Growth Measures

SAG members and staff were among thousands who rallied August 16 at Los Angeles City Hall to urge congress to support programs that would create jobs. AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, Sen. Barbara Boxer and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa were among the elected officials and labor leaders who spoke at the rally. Union members joined together to send a strong message: “Paychecks Pay the Bills.”

With the third highest jobless rate in the country and a towering budget deficit, California needs leaders who can create and save jobs, not just spout ”more of the same corporate bull,” Trumka told the crowd. “How are we going to rebuild America? With jobs! Who’s going to rebuild America? Working people with jobs!”

"We're calling for what everybody talks about but very few elected officials are actually acting on, and that is the creation of jobs," said Maria Elena Durazo, executive director of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor. "It's the only way that we're going to get out of this terrible economy – by putting people back to work." Durazo called for "good, middle class jobs" and advocated against outsourcing.

"Look at Wall Street," Durazo said. "They're back to making new record profits. Why can they do better, but regular working men and women can't do better, and the only thing we can expect is a minimum wage job? For us, that's unacceptable."

Free Tickets to a Staged Reading

Actors Alan Cumming, Jason Ritter, John Glover, Luke MacFarlane and more read Terrence McNally's Some Men, a play that looks at the lives and loves of gay men over the past 80 years, through a series of vignettes both joyous and sorrowful.

The staged reading is in support of the Courage Campaign Institute's Testimony project, designed to change attitudes about LGBT rights in the country's post-Prop 8 political climate.

When: 8 p.m., Monday, October 4 
Where: Saban Theatre
8440 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA  90211
Tickets: Tickets are available at the door on a first-come, first-served basis for SAG members and a guest. Please bring your membership card (paid-up thru October 31, 2010 ) for admittance.
Parking: There are several lots in the surrounding area that charge for parking. Suggested nearby lots are located at:
8420 Wilshire Blvd.  (Medical Lot)
8484 Wilshire Blvd. (Flynt Building)
8383 Wilshire Blvd. (Entrances on Gale and San Vicente)
212 Gale Drive

Questions? Please call (323) 655-4900 or click here here for more information.
Please note that this is being offered as courtesy and is not a Guild sponsored event.

For more SAG Deals and Discounts, click here.

Mark Your Calendar 


Tuesday, October 5 – Performing Artists’ Medical Clinic of The Actors Fund, 6-9 p.m., offers free medical services to low-income musicians, dancers, actors and other performing artists. Call The Actors Fund (intake line) for eligibility criteria and appointments at (323) 933-9244, ext. 32, or go to actorsfund.org for more information.

Tuesday, October 5 – SAG Dare to Be Diverse screening of Holy Rollers, presented by SAG Affirmative Action & Diversity and hosted by Writers Guild of America, West Latino Writers Committee, James Cagney Board Room, 7 p.m. Free admission. Click here to RSVP.

Wednesday, October 6 – "Getting and Keeping Health Insurance," The Actors Fund, 1:30–3 p.m. Monthly seminar for the entertainment industry and performing arts and visual arts communities who want to know their options for obtaining affordable health insurance and healthcare in the Los Angeles area. Participants will learn to use The Actors Fund’s healthcare access and resources website (ahirc.org) to learn more. Registration is encouraged. The Actors Fund, 5757 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 400. For more information, contact Aaron King at (323) 933-9244, ext. 38, or aking@actorsfund.org

Wednesday, October 13 – New member orientation, James Cagney Board Room, 1 p.m. Not just for new members! No RSVP necessary. Parking will be validated.

Thursday, October 14 - Low budget contracts signatory workshops, James Cagney Board Room. 6-8 p.m. Reservation is required by visiting sagindie.org or calling (323) 549-6064. (Be sure to include your name and e-mail address.)

Thursday, October 14 - Diamond in the Raw Foundation/SAG “Know Your Rights!” Workshop. A select group of stuntwomen will participate in a workshop about what members should know to empower and protect themselves in the workplace and entertainment industry. Visit diamondintheraw.com for more information.

Friday, October 15
– SAG Dare to be Diverse screening of Night Catches Us at the La Femme Film Festival, sponsored by SAG National Women’s Committee and SAG AA & Diversity, Renberg Theatre in Hollywood, 7 p.m. Q&A with filmmaker, cast and NAACP following the film. Free admission for SAG members. YOU MUST RSVP here and type "sag" for the username and "member" for the password, lower case only. Visit lafemme.org/ for schedule and more information about La Femme Film Festival.

Saturday, October 16 – SAG Diversity “Get Your ACT Together” Careers in Focus Conference, SAG National Headquarters, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. A one-of-a-kind opportunity for actors and entertainment industry professionals to network and learn from each other under one roof. Sponsored by SAG Affirmative Action & Diversity, in conjunction with SAG National Spanish Language Media Task Force and SAG President’s National Task Force for American Indians, this day-long conference features multiple career and talent development workshops and seminars presented by Back Stage, Casting Society of America, iActor, SAG New Media and more! Click here for more information.

Sunday, October 17 – Diamond in the Raw Foundation Awards. SAG Affirmative Action and Diversity and SAG National Women’s Committee celebrate achievements of Hollywood’s stuntwomen at this annual  luncheon at the Skirball Cultural Center. SAG Members receive a discount to attend the luncheon. Visit diamondintheraw.com for more information.

Monday, October 18
– Hollywood Division open board meeting, James Cagney Board Room, 6 p.m. A light snack will be provided. Reservation is required. RSVPs accepted beginning 8 a.m., Tuesday, October 5 at Hollywoodrsvp@sag.org or via phone at (323) 549-6029. 

Tuesday, October 19 – Performing Artists’ Medical Clinic of The Actors Fund, 6-9 p.m., offers free medical services to low-income musicians, dancers, actors and other performing artists. Call The Actors Fund (intake line) for eligibility criteria and appointments at (323) 933-9244, ext. 32, or go to actorsfund.org for more information.

Sunday, October 24 – National Membership Meeting, Beverly Hilton Hotel, 1-5 p.m. See below for more details.

Wednesday, October 27 – New member orientation, James Cagney Board Room, 10 a.m. Not just for new members! No RSVP necessary. Parking will be validated.


Wednesday, November 3 - Alternative Health Fair, James Cagney Board Room, 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Presented by the Screen Actors Guild Hollywood Healthcare Safetynet Committee. Come learn about alternative healthcare choices, such as Alexander Technique, Tai Chi, Ayurvedic medicine and many more! Parking will be validated.

Saturday, November 20
- L.A. Skins Fest, James Cagney Board Room. As a part of this Native American film festival, the SAG President’s National Task Force for American Indians will present a premiere screening event of its new educational video and a special screening of Reel Injun. RSVP and additional details will be available here in the coming weeks.

The above listings are subject to change. Check SAG.org for the most up-to-date information. If you’d like more information on an event and there is no contact information listed above, call the Hollywood Executive Office at (323) 549-6459.