Help for Haiti x2

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Help for Haiti x2
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With the Winter Olympics and other news now garnering much of the world’s attention, it’s important to remember that the people of Haiti have a long road ahead before they will fully recover from the January 12 earthquake.


Your contributions to Haitian relief will continue to make a difference, and one AFL-CIO-sponsored program can give your tax-deductible financial donation twice the impact. Union Plus, which is administered under the AFL-CIO’s Union Privilege program, providing union members and retirees significant consumer discounts, is currently matching the donations it receives. According to the Union Plus website:


Make an individual donation to the AFL-CIO Solidarity Center's Earthquake Relief* for Haitian Workers' campaign and Union Plus will match your donation dollar-for-dollar, up to $100,000.


Your donation will help rush life-saving relief supplies including food, clean water, medical supplies, blankets and tents to the Haitian people. Goods are currently being delivered to the Confederation of Haitian Workers training center, which is providing shelter, food, and medical assistance to more than 200 people.

Screen Actors Guild takes pride in its AFL-CIO affiliation and encourages its members, as well as the general public, to consider a donation today.