State Issues

The Government Affairs and Public Policy (GAPP) Department of SAG-AFTRA is actively engaged in the support or opposition of various state legislative issues that impact our membership. These issues include, but are not limited to:
State Production Incentives – SAG-AFTRA will continue to support the efforts of each state to incentivize production through tax incentives and tax rebates. 
Child Performer Protections – SAG-AFTRA will continue to promote and support legislation protecting child performers around the country.
Broadcast Non-Compete – SAG-AFTRA will continue to support the elimination of broadcaster non-compete provisions through legislation and collective bargaining.
Right of Publicity –  SAG-AFTRA will continue to support strong right of publicity legislation around the country.  
Right to Work –  SAG-AFTRA, alongside the AFL-CIO and other partners, will continue to oppose right-to-work legislation.