State Issues

The Government Affairs and Public Policy (GAPP) Department of SAG-AFTRA is actively engaged in the support or opposition of legislative and policy matters at the state and local level around the country. Including the following:

State Production Incentives – SAG-AFTRA continues to support state-by-state efforts to incentivize production through tax incentives and tax rebates.

Child Performer Protections – SAG-AFTRA continues to promote and support legislation protecting child performers around the country.

Broadcast Non-Compete – SAG-AFTRA continues to support the elimination of broadcaster non-compete provisions.

Right of Publicity – SAG-AFTRA, with a broad coalition of players’ unions and others, continues to support strong right-of-publicity legislation around the country.

“Right to Work” – SAG-AFTRA, alongside the AFL-CIO, continues to strongly oppose so-called “right-to-work” legislation around the country.

GAPP News & Highlights – On Tuesday, May 6, Pennsylvania State Rep. Tom Murt announced that May 2014 would be “SAG-AFTRA Month.” Rep. Murt discussed the union’s contributions to the state. Pennsylvania actors David Morse (Treme, The Hurt Locker) and Melissa Fitzgerald (The West Wing, Frequency), who is also senior director at Justice for Veterans, were on-hand to accept the commendation in the Pennsylvania House Chamber that morning. Also on hand were SAG-AFTRA National Vice President, Broadcasters Catherine Brown; SAG-AFTRA National Board members Helen McNutt and Mark Roberts; SAG-AFTRA Philadelphia Local President John Wooten; SAG-AFTRA Philadelphia Executive Director Stephen Leshinski; SAG-AFTRA Ohio-Pittsburgh Executive Director Brian Lysell; and Kerri Wood Einertson of SAG-AFTRA’s Government Affairs and Public Policy department