Federal Issues

The Government Affairs and Public Policy (GAPP) Department of SAG-AFTRA is actively engaged in the support or opposition of various federal legislative issues that impact our membership. These federal issues include, but are not limited to:
WIPO Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual Performances -- SAG-AFTRA is working with the Administration and members of Congress to effect the ratification of the Beijing Audiovisual Treaty.
Federal Film Tax Incentive (Section 181) -- In a coordinated effort with DGA, IFTA, and MPAA, SAG-AFTRA successfully worked to support passage of the extension of Section 181.  This extension passed in January 2013 as part of the larger “Fiscal Cliff” budget package. 
Digital Theft -- SAG-AFTRA will continue to engage in internal education, and as part of an industry-wide coalition, participate in a high profile educational efforts with Congress, the Administration, the media industry, and the public on the best ways to combat digital theft.
Public Performance Royalties: SAG-AFTRA will continue to fight to make sure recording artists and performers are fairly compensated for the public performances of their work, on terrestrial, satellite and internet radio. For more information on the policy issues affecting our recording artist members, please visit the following websites: http://musicfirstcoalition.org/ and http://www.soundexchange.com/
Media Consolidation and Ownership -- SAG-AFTRA continues to engage in advocacy efforts to preserve and strengthen media ownership rules in order to protect the jobs of SAG-AFTRA members, safeguard professional standards in journalism, and preserve and promote localism and diversity.
Orphan Works -- In October 2012, the Copyright Office issued a Notice of Inquiry seeking information regarding the current state of play with regard to the issue of orphan works. Because of the negative impact a broad orphan works regime would have on SAG-AFTRA recording artists and background vocalists, SAG-AFTRA filed comments in January, 2013 in response to the initial inquiry of the Copyright Office.