Films = Jobs Campaign Update

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Films = Jobs Campaign Update

Films = Jobs Campaign Update

Recently, the state Senate passed a budget rider which would cripple the Massachusetts Film and TV Production Incentive Program. It would cap the amount of an actor’s salary that can be credited towards the Massachusetts Film and TV Production Incentive Program. By doing so, it would discourage large budget productions from filming in Massachusetts. This will drive film production away from Massachusetts, kill jobs, and hurt the small business vendors that are a part of the film production ecosystem. The House and Senate are currently working on the final version of the budget and we want to prevent this measure from becoming law.

It’s important that your state representatives hear from you today!
Please click here to contact your state representatives.

SAVE THE DATE: Wednesday, June 14, State House Day: We will be going to the state House to ask our legislators to preserve the Film and TV Production Incentive and not to make any changes to it. Attendees can arrive anytime from 10 a.m. to noon at Church on the Hill, 140 Bowdoin Street, Boston. They will receive a packet, undergo training, and visit their legislators. To RSVP, email SAG-AFTRA business representative Ben Winthrop at

Thank you for your advocacy!    

SAG-AFTRA is a union that has among its members a diverse group of performers, broadcasters and newscasters. The passage of this resolution/statement should not be interpreted as a personal statement of opinion by or of any specific member of the union.