FIA Executive Committee Convenes LGBT Working Group

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FIA Executive Committee Convenes LGBT Working Group
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Meeting in Sydney, Australia last week for their annual executive committee meeting, the International Federation of Actors (FIA) Executive Committee created a working group on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) equality. The group has been tasked with working on the creation of a FIA charter on LGBT equality and equal opportunity, as well as with outreach to FIA affiliates around the world regarding LGBT issues.

Screen Actors Guild National Deputy Executive Director Duncan Crabtree-Ireland will serve as the convenor of the group, which also includes Thomas Carpenter, AFTRA; Flora Stamatiades, Actors' Equity; Simon Burke, president, Actors Equity Section, MEAA, Australia; Malcolm Sinclair, president, Equity UK; Maria Fernanda Garcia Iribarren, president, SIDARTE, Chile; Katja Elgaard Holm, DSF, Denmark; Anne Papilloud, SSRS, Switzerland; Brad Keenan, ACTRA, Canada; and additional representatives to be appointed from FIA-LA (Latin America) and AfroFIA.

FIA is committed to an equal opportunities policy, regardless of gender, race, colour, ethnic/national origin, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, age or marital status and has been active over many years in promoting equality of rights and working conditions for performers. The group represents more than 100 member organizations – performers’ trade unions, guilds and associations – around the world and voices the professional concerns and interests of actors, broadcast professionals, dancers, singers, variety and circus artists and others in film, television, radio, theatre and live performance, with the exception of instrumentalists and visual artists.

Crabtree-Ireland is also the Screen Actors Guild staff liaison to the SAG National LGBT Actors Committee, which works to promote visibility and equal employment opportunities for LGBT actors.