An Evening with Background Casting Directors

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An Evening with Background Casting Directors

Casting director panel
SAG-AFTRA Background Actors Department Director Fatna Sallak-Williams moderates the Feb. 27 panel of background actors and casting directors at SAG-AFTRA Plaza. It featured panelists Tracy Dixon, Dee Dee Ricketts, Debbie and Adam Delisi, and Dixie Webster.

More than 170 members stepped away from their busy schedules on Feb. 27 to take part in an educational evening with casting directors in SAG-AFTRA Plaza’s James Cagney Boardroom, hosted by the Background Actors Education & Outreach Committee. Director, Background Actors Fatna Sallak-Williams moderated the panel of seasoned background actor casting directors, including Dee Dee Ricketts, Debbie and Adam Delisi, Tracy Dixon and Dixie Webster. The topic of the evening was to examine what casting directors are looking for in order to instill a film with authenticity.

Panelists discussed the processes casting directors go through when casting background actors for various TV and theatrical projects. They made sure to note that the process is never personal. Oftentimes, casting directors are searching for a very specific look, attitude or even sound for the scene they’re populating. Panelists recommended that actors not misrepresent themselves, whether in look, ability or qualifications, because there may be a time when their specific type is needed. 

After the panel concluded, members were able to drop off headshots with each casting director.

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