Equity New Zealand Sends Message of Support to SAG-AFTRA

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Equity New Zealand Sends Message of Support to SAG-AFTRA

The following was released today by Equity New Zealand: Equity New Zealand joins our performer comrades in Australia, the United Kingdom and across the globe in expressing our unequivocal support for SAG-AFTRA members presently taking industrial action to persuade video game employers to enter meaningful negotiations about a new, fair agreement.

During more than a year of good-faith bargaining SAG-AFTRA has sought much overdue benefits for actors working in the video game industry. The claim includes payment for secondary uses, sufficient rest breaks to protect against vocal strain and greater transparency in negotiations to enable performers to bargain for fair remuneration.

Performers deserve a modern contract that offers the protections necessary to work in today’s video game industry.

Equity New Zealand is calling on all members to contact the union for advice immediately if they are offered any videogame work by a USA-based producer.

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