Engagement and Cancellation

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If you have a specific question about engagement and cancellation or need further information, please contact a business representative at your SAG-AFTRA local office.

Television: Less than $32,000

Theatrical: Less than $65,000

Theatrical “Deal Performers”: $65,000 or more

The performer (Day, 3-Day TV, Weekly) has a firm engagement, which binds the studio in the following cases:

  • Written notice of acceptance
  • Contract delivered to the performer
  • Script is given to the performer
  • When performer is fitted, other than wardrobe tests
  • When performer is actually called and agrees to report

Day Performers Only: either party can cancel prior to noon on the day before the day performer is to work if the call for work has only been verbal. “On or about” start dates are not permitted for day performers.

Performer’s Start Date (Free-lance Television and Theatrical):

In the event a weekly performer is engaged as specified above but a start date has not been given, the performer may terminate such engagement in order to accept conflicting bona fide employment by a third party. This is, however, subject to the performer first giving the Producer the following minimum notice, during which the Producer may specify a start date, which then becomes binding.

  • If the performer informs the Producer before noon on a business day, by the end of the same day; or
  • If the performer informs the Producer at any other time, by noon of the next business day
  • “On or about” start dates are permitted only if contract is delivered to the weekly performer seven (7) days before start date for theatrical, and three (3) days prior for TV