Damsels In Undress

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Damsels In Undress

January 22 – New York Post
By Sean Daly

The nudity clause, once required only in movies, is suddenly becoming a standard part of TV work. The pressure on young actresses to sign can be tremendous — and it’s not just on cable anymore. Behind every boob shot and flash of bare buttocks is a hard working entertainment lawyer. The lawyer is usually the one to negotiate Hollywood’s most awkward legal agreement the nudity clause. “The nudity rider spells out exactly what an actor agrees to do in a role: partial nudity, full frontal nudity — even simulated sex,” LA attorney Brian J. Murphy says. The document — usually about one page — can be extremely detailed.It typically includes which body parts can be shown, from which angle and for how long.The nudity clause — once a rarity on TV — is becoming, if not standard, an everyday part of contract negotiations.

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