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The Official E-Newsletter of the Dallas-Fort Worth Local
The Official E-Newsletter of the Dallas-Fort Worth Local
August 2013


The Dallas-Fort Worth Local staff is your resource for information and support.

Your SAG-AFTRA Texas staff has seen many changes since merger, but one thing remains the same: our commitment to serving the membership and growing the business. We are a dedicated team of professionals covering Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. Many of you already know us. If not, we hope you will drop us a line and say hello. We are here to provide resources for members and producers.

Trish Avery      
Executive Director        
Dallas-Fort Worth Local   
(214) 363-8300, ext 2   

TJ Jones
Director of Outreach & Broadcast
Dallas-Fort Worth Local
(214) 363-8300, ext 4

Sheila Cooper   
Administrative Assistant     
Dallas-Fort Worth Local   
(214) 363-8300

Linda Dowell, Assistant National Executive Director Locals, also resides in our Dallas office and assists the locals across the nation.

Our mailing address is: 15110 Dallas Parkway, Suite 440, Dallas, TX 75248. 

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Suzanne Burkhead

Do You Work Commercials?

by Suzanne Burkhead
National Board Member and Vice Chair, Committee of Locals

This spring, our new union negotiated a very successful commercials contract, which was overwhelmingly approved by the SAG-AFTRA membership in May. This contract covers all commercial work on TV, radio, the Internet and new media platforms. Our ability to successfully see wage and payment increases for members totaling $238 million in all categories is a measure of our success as one union.

The commercials contract is very important to us in Texas, representing major earnings for our members. Now that the national contract negotiations have concluded, Texas members and staff have been negotiating the Texas Regional Commercials Contract (TRC) to mirror the increases we received in the national contract.

Our local negotiations have now concluded and we are pleased to announce the acceptance of the new 2013 TRC with a wage increase of 6 percent and a P&H and H&R increase to 16.8 percent. Local industry partners in the Texas Policy Committee of Broadcast Relations and our National Executive Committee have approved the contract and the 2013 TRC is now in effect.

To review the 2013 Texas Regional Commercials Contract in its entirety, simply look under Agreements in the Commercials section of the online Production Center or give our local office a call. 

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